Amish fiction, preparing for winter, and homemade vegan egg rolls!


1942Winter is coming fast.  It is September 14th as I’m writing this but the sky is over cast as if it’s going to rain and the wind is strong and cold.  To go from 105 to 60 degrees in a matter of days is strange.  Where is the transition time?  I suspect with all the hurricanes that this winter will be different.

Time to prepare.  Out come the extra throw rugs, the warm clothes, and slippers.  We need to build a new roof on the chicken coop and insulate our attic.  This is an old house and no one will insulate it for us because we have tub and knob.  So, we will do this by our own hands and hope we don’t burn the house down.  We are also stocking the dried goods and pulling out the big crock pot.

Time for crock pot soups and hot bread from the oven.  Time for pumpkin patches.  I love fall.  I already have my fall flag waving on the front porch and all my warm candle set about.  I love nothing more than celebrating fall with lite candles, the porch decorated with pumpkins and a warm soup cooking daily along with lots of baking.  Fall is my favorite time of year with the chill in the air and turning of leaves.  If it rains early we have this beautiful scene of green lushness along with the canopy of golds, reds, and rich oranges.  I can smell the holidays in the air.  Hallmark Christmas movies, Christmas music, the colorful Christmas tree in the corner, and the smell of sugar cookies baking for days.  For me, it’s a bit of a fantasy world I live in for months.  I’m always a little depressed combined with relief when it’s over.

Now that the cold weather is making its entrance I am searching for my Amish fiction to cozy up to.  My favorite authors by far are Cindy Woodsmall and Suzanne Woods Fisher.  I thought I had read all their books, however, I’m thrilled to see that they have been very busy during the past year or so and I have some fresh series to read from both writers.

This is a Hodge Podge of things today.  I want to share a very easy recipe for vegan egg rolls that is so delicious I had a neighbor ask for more so I threw a dinner the other night and fed a few neighbors for a few dollars.  I was surprised to see egg rolls sold at the Farmers Market at 6 pieces for $8.  I can make a huge pile for $8.  Well, that may depend.  I didn’t price it out but I’d say that I can make so many that I fed 12 people well for around $10 to $12.  It’s the sauce that gets pricey.


And that is all you need.  You can choose any sauce, a broccoli slaw and sprouts, and wraps.  To make them less expensive you can just buy a couple heads of cabbage, red and white, and carrots and shred yourself.

Just fill a wok with the veggies and pour the sauce over it (half a bottle depending on how much you make), cook for a little bit but keep the veggies crisp.  You then lay out the sheets of egg roll wrap, put a large spoonful in the wrap and fold it like a burrito.  Have a pan with an inch of oil, I use canola or something lite, get it hot and fry the egg rolls on both sides until golden.  I love using a sweet Thai chili sauce for dipping.

Also, french fries from the night before can be recycled for home fries in the morning.  I make my own fries by cutting up Idaho potatoes in thick slices and coat with olive oil and sea salt, then bake.  I make piles at a time and what is left over I chop up and cook in a big cast iron pan with some garlic seasoning the next morning for breakfast with eggs…if those girls produce any that is.

Joette and I are still working on getting the pantry and kitchen stocked.  I have my shelving unit in the laundry room closet.  I just cleared the bottom shelf for more goods.  We will be spending these fall days organizing the kitchen and updating the seasonings and dried goods, making more space on the top shelves for stocking up.  We are also collaborating on delicious vegan soups and comfort foods we can do in the crock pot.  I’d like to try some new breads as well.  We have a wheat bread and a white bread recipe we like but I have yet to try the sour dough.

Winter is a great time to organize the home, get cozy and do lots of baking.  It’s a great time for catching up on reading and self-study as there are many rainy days ahead.  It’s smart to be ready for the power outages and emergencies with the weather as wild as it is

It’s also smart to be ready for the power outages and emergencies with the weather as wild as it is now a days.  We have a big first aid kit in the closet, a 5-gallon jug of water and some empty jugs in the garage if we need them.  There is a lot of dried and canned goods.  We flood in this area when the winter is hard core and the dame over here had issues last winter causing evacuations.  We will be planning an emergency exit as well as putting those extra blankets on the beds.

Building up immune systems for the winter.

I stock up on good vitamins for winter as well.  I have a system for keeping my boys healthy during the cold and flu season and that is vitamin D, a really good multi vitamin (I like Alive) and not the kind coated in sugar, an extra vitamin B12 because we are vegetarian, a strong and good probiotic, and tons of vitamin C.  We do the packets in water and the chewable C’s.  The adults take a multi, D, B12, and extra C as well.

In the winter we eat with the season.  We also stay away from sugar as it destroys the immune system.  Oranges and mandarins are eaten by the bowl full and lots of hot herbal teas.  Dairy is very, very limited but in yogurt form with all the cultures and more probiotics.  I do the homemade with organic, grass fed milk from small farmers.  Why so picky?  I don’t want the chemicals and hormones, grass fed is amazing in taste, and I want cows that have been treated well and not with the cruelty and inhuman action of a factory farm.  I also find that, besides yogurt, if we do much dairy the kids get sick and snotty often.  Since I cut it almost out completely the boys haven’t been sick once.  We have yogurt once in awhile as a treat.

There is a great recipe or a homemade remedy for ear infections for the mothers with young ones out there.  It is in my The Homemade Housewife.  It is also found on  It is literally oil and garlic and it works!  It is a great alternative to antibiotics.

Let winter come!


11 thoughts on “Amish fiction, preparing for winter, and homemade vegan egg rolls!

  1. I make egg rolls too. They are so simple, and I use up everything I can think of from the fridge. It’s the only way I can get cabbage into the Redneck! I don’t know if you have a food processor, but if you don’t, keep an eye out at yard sales and thrift stores for one for $5-10. They make shredding the ingredients really fast and easy. I consider a good food processor a true frugal tool in the kitchen.

    Don’t forget to add a neti pot to your arsenal to keep healthy. I found what’s called a Yeti pot at DollarTree. It is simply a neti pot for a buck instead of $10 and up. Works just fine. They also sell boxes of the saline solution, but you can use sea salt or himalayan salt as well. I’m not looking forward to my blog post on how to use a neti pot, but I want folks to know about them, so….{{{shudder}}} the Redneck will be helping me by taking photos.


    1. I really need a food processor and I’ve been looking. A neti pot is a good thing and thanks for the reminder. We have our first cold this morning on the heels of the first rain last night. So annoying. Not the rain, I love the rain and now everything is washed clean today.


      1. I have gone through a lot of processors over the years. When we moved back to Texas almost 2 years ago, I still had my used one that I had epoxyed the blades back on! When it finally broke again, the Redneck told me that since it’s such an integral (yes, he used a big word) part of my meal making process, he was buying me a new one. I found a nice Black and Decker for less than $50, and it’s doing a good job so far. I use it for shredding and making pie crusts, and pizza crusts are ‘pert near perfect’ when made in the processor. You could hint around for Christmas!


  2. You make me long for winter days! It’s finally cooling off a bit here in NC, so it is starting to feel like Fall, especially at night. I am ready to hibernate at home and get some sewing things done. I dream of soups and chili too. I love eggrolls and would love to try making my own sometime. I definitely have to find the sauce. I didn’t understand why no one will insulate your home…what is tub and knob? I am currently reading your book: Many Ways to Happy and am enjoying it very much.


      1. Oh ! I looked it up and it’s tube and knob. I saw pics and I am thinking we had that type of wiring in our very first home. As I’m sure you know, there are lots of hazards especially as the wiring degrades. And I now understand why no one will insulate, because there must be air circulation to keep from over heating. Do please be careful!!


      2. I did some research into this and it is a pain in the rear, not to mention extremely expensive to change out the wiring. However, this is some of the best wiring from the old days and if it hasn’t been burnt or eaten by mice it last forever and is just fine. We are going to insulate but we will be careful.


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