Becoming vegan. How to love every bite.

Heart Warming Photos That Show Farm Animals Feel As Deeply As We Do!

Vegan is the new black. I am a little surprised at how many people are making the change. It seems to be this global trend that is picking up speed.  This happens with us humans, we are connected in the great cosmic soup that we swim about in and when one tribe shifts its consciousness, another tribe across the ocean does the same shift at the same time.

My family has been on again, off again vegans for years but this time feels very different.  It seems easier, more enjoyable, more delicious, more rewarding.  I also find that I have lost my taste or desire for meat.  I can’t even stand the idea of eating my sweet hen’s eggs even though they are not fertilized and I don’t have an issue with eating them, I’m just grossed out by the eggs now, to put it bluntly.

I’ve found some great alternative products and learned to make a scrumptious vegan vanilla cake with vegan buttercream frosting (the recipes are in an upcoming blog).  And when we visited our meat eating family and did our usual gig of cooking up tons of Indian food and baking a cake, it was all vegan instead of catering to their carnivorous ways and doing chicken.  They loved it and there were no issues.


Grannie’s kids called from their trip to Hawaii and announced they were going vegan, they had been thinking about it and what a better place to make the switch with the island fruit and plenty.  It was a documentary that had really moved them to change.  Isn’t it always a documentary.

Then I have a nice chat with my childhood friend that is a die-hard Adkins dieter.  She tells me that her whole family has gone vegan with her teenage daughter’s encouragement.  Again, she was exposed to photos and documentaries on factory farming.

“If slaughterhouses had glass walls, everyone would be a vegetarian.”

― Paul McCartney

The stores that normally didn’t cater to even the vegetarian are now stocked with vegan foods and organics.  You can find this fare even at places like Safeway, FoodMaxx, Winco, Costco, and on and on.  It is a growing desire for many.

We try to eat a lot of greens, salads, fruit, brown rice, beans and lentils, however, I find that I need that alternative food to satisfy my palate. Here are some foods that I found tasty and have very little if any soy, are made with fairly natural ingredients such as grains, legumes, and mushrooms.



The powdered creamer isn’t a winner as far as healthy but it does in a pinch.  There are great alternative creamers and we do a lot of unsweetened almond milk.

I hear Ben and Jerry’s has a delicious coconut milk ice cream and did you know Oreos are vegan?

Here are some websites to help with the educating and finding yummy foods to transition.  Because it is all about the dishes right?  If you love what you’re eating and you are feeling great then you will continue.

Transitioning to a Vegan Lifestyle

Making the Vegan Transition

14 thoughts on “Becoming vegan. How to love every bite.

    1. It’s not just the slaughtering, it’s also the way they are being raised in the most cruel way. If you are eating meat…and believe me, I still like it, just pay the extra to get cruelty free, grass fed, free range, small farm. They actually register it “cruelty free”. Then you aren’t eating the meat or dairy or eggs from an animal that suffered or lived in terror. We eat that energy. I know I sound hippy dippy but it’s true.


      1. I was hoping you would take the hint! While I am not vegan, I do enjoy dishes that revolve around fruits and vegetables, and the Redneck enjoys them as side dishes. I just found out that there is a new INDIAN restaurant opened up a few miles from us, so I will be checking it out soon! Oh, and darn you Kate! I hunted up the table of contents for that book I was thinking of writing a few years ago, and now I’m revising it. Chapter include Home Brewing, Or Don’t Drink It If It’s Green, and Invite His Ass In Or Run His Ass Off, Either Way, Food Is On The Table NOW! (Hospitality Hints).


      1. Also be careful, because many of Morningstar Farms products have egg whites in them. Especially the veggie burger type items. But now that I have learned about the Monsanto connection from guapa chosa abroad’s comment above, I think I’ll avoid them altogether!


  1. I love baking and I’m currently using recepies from a very good book. It’s incredible how well you can bake excellent cookies, cakes ect. that are 100% vegan. This is not “healthy” food, because it contains a lot of sugar, but when you need that extra something…

    Also last year I tried raw food.For me it was heaven but I couldn’t cook only that because I have to cook for three different people and only raw is not for everybody. But let me tell you that if you want to implement your veg and fruit intake in a delicious, surprisingly refined and exiting way, you have to give it a try. I try to do one meal raw and one meal cooked. if you eat raw and cooked in the same meal, it’s best to start with raw and leave the cooked at the end when you are already nourished. You detox, loose weight and are so much more energised.

    If you like sweets, try these sweets recepies. They are so much more tasty and special compared to “normal” baking. Trust me, I am an expert 🙂 And we’re talking really healthy here.

    I found the best recepies for raw food here: and it’s free.

    ps. Funny you say that eggs feel awkward. It happened to me too last year.


    1. I used to work for a Raw Culinary School…Living Light on the coast so I had lots of raw books and recipes. We do a lot of raw salads and fruit and smoothies and since I upted that I’m starting to slim down. I will save the sweets recipes as I do need my sweets now and then. Thanks Tabitha!


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