Return of the old fashioned housewife.

Old Fashioned Housewifr - High Resolution.jpg.

I have created a book with a year’s worth of my blog write-ups focusing solely on homemaking, homesteading in suburbia, and living a more sustainable, slower paced life filled with old-fashioned touches. It is a bountiful dose of advice and inspiration.

It will be free all week!

15 thoughts on “Return of the old fashioned housewife.

    1. Now, just to give you a heads up…this is the section one in The Housewife is a Writer. That book turned out to be flop so I’ve broken it into three books. The other two will be out soon but if you have THIAW you have it all now.

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      1. Okay, but whaddya mean the other one’s a flop? Well, fuddle. So do the three different ones, then re issue the THIAW as “ALL THREE BOOKS TOGETHER!” at a later date. Heck, it works for other authors–Amy Dacyzyn did with her TIGHTWAD books.


      2. I was thinking of doing that. You’re so brilliant. I was going to use the cover and make the writing section but I may do a whole different one and save that one like you suggested…sigh. I’m stressed today. Bali checks into immigration tomorrow so we’ll see how it goes. I get so unnerved.


      1. Yes, I remember…. just an inspiration that you transformed into reality, congratulations. I will read it soon.
        Also I really enjoy your blog as a sort of diary with photos. I can follow my “heroine” in her little cozy home and I love it!


  1. Thank you! Vickie (from Vickie’s kitchen and garden blog) featured this on her free kindle book list today. I grabbed it and look forward to reading it. I saw the comment about you and Bali…. hope all is well!


  2. Thank you so much for all the time you give to us with your articles.They are so warm and joyful. I pray that your husband can stay in the USA. It seems to me you would be an asset to any country. I wanted to ask if this book will be available in the UK. I have The Homemade Housewife which I love. I have just seen in the comments above that you may know about your husband today. I fervently pray all is well.
    Sincerely Annette.

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      1. Got it today! Thank you. So glad that your husband is safe for the moment. I’ll keep you in my prayers. Xx


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