Housewife and all that entails.


In this modern age, being a housewife does not have to be complicated.  There are washers, dryers, vacuums, dishwashers, and all sorts of other conveniences to make your work very quick and easy.  There convenience foods that you just slid in the oven and preschool for the little person if you need a few hours a day to regain your senses.

My goodness, even bread is sliced, garlic peeled, and all your canning is done for you by the stores.  You can buy everything made…clothes, quilts, and so on.

But that is so boring and has really taken the art out of home economics.  If you use every single modern convenience you would have not much to do but watch those hideous reality shows and get fat on processed foods.

Now, with that said, I do love my washer and I have yet to can but I do have pickle cucumbers growing as we speak so the time is near.  I have my first quilt pattern and I just stare at it.  I can crochet.  One pattern and I’m happy with that as I enjoy just crocheting while listening to something educational and spiritual while making a blanket or scarf.  I don’t want to count and pay attention, I want to space out and make something while learning from a show so I feel productive.

I’m not amazing like some housewives out there with their grannie throws and Amish quilts, their pantries with homemade canned goods from their abundant gardens of last year.  I am not really the best house cleaner as I discovered the other day when I did some Fall cleaning.

I am the in-between housewife on my way to maybe just a little glory in this field but I will never carry home the big trophy…or even the silver.

However, I am a good housewife.  A very good one for this day and age.  I do many things in the old-fashioned 1950’s way.

I purposely stored my dryer in the garage to save money, be green and because I love hanging my clothes out.  And it really saves the clothes to not dry them in a machine.

I started gardens, planted fruit trees so we will have our own fruit in a few years, and I found a free chicken coop and purchased some hens so we have our own eggs.  I refuse to buy eggs now even when my girls are not producing much.  I cook mostly from scratch.  I have that 25 lb bag of flour and I make all our breads, biscuits, pancakes, even tortillas from this bag.  I even hand make our frozen convenience foods such as burritos or pizza.  I make my own yogurt, although the last three batches were hideous (my thermometer was broken, my excuse).

I have purchased my first sewing box and filled it up a bit.  I will be attempting my first quilt this winter.  I have yarn to make my boys and husband scarves for the cold months.

I love a simple and slower paced life, I love being home a lot.  I read Amish fiction and now this Mrs. Sharon White because the stories are of a sweet and wholesome life at home.  I enjoy making my home clean and cozy.  I light candles by the coffee pot, by my laptop when I work, in the living room when I sit in there with a book and coffee.  I love having a pot of fresh coffee brewing in the afternoon.

I see this as a job, just as most people go to work nine to five, so I get up in the mornings and my work begins.  However, it isn’t a nine to five one, it’s more like as soon as the hens are up these days I must rise and tend to them and then it begins.  It’s more a five to nine job.  I don’t rest until everyone is tended to and the last dish is washed.

But I make a lot of breaks for myself through the day and I have many things that I truly enjoy doing.  I actually like to clean especially if I keep up on it.  I find peace and space for myself in working outside gardening and decorating the backyard (yes, I even decorate outside spaces).  I love, love listening to something spiritual that improves my mind and life while cleaning my house and I so enjoy decorating, rearranging, decluttering until I can stand in a room and smile on the inside because it feels so good.

Making food from scratch does several things; it gives me pride to do this, it feels like a loving act for my family because I’m making sure the food is clean and free of chemicals, dyes, and preservatives, and my family knows I really worked to create their meals and they love my food.  There is such happiness when my son says my homemade food taste so much better than the store bought.  I’m also teaching my sons something invaluable.  I teach them how to cook for the future when they are on their own and I teach them about the importance of good, quality, clean, organic foods for their bodies and for the Earth.

The other thing home cooking does is make the kitchen a sanctuary and a house more a home.  There is that smell of baking bread wafting through the house in the afternoon after the bowl of dough has been rising on the counter all day and the boys have helped knead it.  There is the pot of simmering stew on the back of the stove, the smells of supper in the oven an hour before it’s time to eat.  There is someone in the kitchen bustling about and music playing, maybe two women and lively chatter as they chop and mix the evening meal.  There are pancakes cooking on a Sunday morning and always the coffee brewing.

The other part of being a housewife is that I’m always home.  I am there for my husband when he gets home and I have the house looking nice and a hot meal for him.  I am with my children all the time, they go everywhere with me.  We have a bond that is incredible because of this.  I am here to read the stories, listen to their wants, fears, ideas, desires, and imaginings.  I create the ambiance they love so such as the daily routines, the good meals, the Friday night movie night, the play dates with pizza, and a hundred other things that go with childhood.  I’m here to teach them to water and care for a garden, tend to chickens, make biscuits by hand, and help fold laundry.  I’m here to build kingdoms out of blocks and legos and chase them around like a ferocious Allosaurus.  I’m here to cuddle, kiss, and sooth all day long.

I have chosen to not do preschools and I now homeschool the eldest.  I never want to be separated from my little boy for hours not knowing what he is learning or being subjected to in that time and not having me there to filter or help him process.  I’m not a helicopter mom, my children run wild most of the day but I am fiercely protective of them until they are big and strong mentally and physically to take on this world and I make sure that they are armed well.

Before I became a housewife I was blessed to be prepared greatly.  I had jobs as a secretary, office manager, cafe worker, house cleaner, waitress, babysitting.  I worked at a Raw food culinary school in all the departments, one of them being the cafe.  I learned all about nutrition and health, organics, GMO’s and how to take all that and create balance.  This all prepared me for running my own home and taking proper care of my family.

As I grow into this position I love learning and that is a good thing because there is so much to learn with children, the home, being a wife and taking care of all of it.  I find great ideas and tools in other homemaking blogs and books and Youtube videos.  I am re-inspired all the time and then I try to inspire others.

I have learned to manage the household funds, how to decorate on a budget, feed my family on an allotted monthly amount, how to afford organics on limited funds, and how to have a lot of fun for free.

This job provides many opportunities for being creative and industrious.  It is also a great job for those of us that have hobbies such as writing or blogging.  It is a job to be honored when a woman takes the time to stay home and raise her family with great care and love, to make sure she is putting children out in the world that will do good and be wonderful and necessary citizens.  A woman that takes care of her husband well so he can thrive.  She has made it her life work to take care of, nurture, love, and grow people and animals, to look after an elder or two, neighbors, and add to the community.  Housewives are needed in this world desperately.

For me, personally, I am raising my sons to care about this great Mother Earth and their fellow man, to love God, and to always do good and show compassion.  I watch over my neighbors, I’ve taken in two dogs, one cat, five hens, and an elder.  I could do better with my husband but he has a really great life that frees him to run a business with all his energies and do a great job.  All my people and pets love having me home.  Not because I’m always dancing about chortling and singing and baking cookies…but overall I have created an atmosphere of safety, warmth, affection, and fun.  And everyone eats very well.

My only complaint to this day is that I spend a lot of time pondering and tending to the needs of those around me and then when I would like to leave and do something for myself, alone, there is a great uprising.  There is a little too much need of me being here.



6 thoughts on “Housewife and all that entails.

  1. Your thoughts resonate for me. I wish more moms would take on the whole responsibility and love of their children. I used to work next to a day care and I sometimes wanted to cry, as I saw mom after mom, dropping off those sweet babies for the day. Sometimes when I would take out the garbage, many of children would run to the fence to speak to me, each one begging for my attention. Of course, I enjoyed talking to them, but it made me so sad that they were stuck behind a fence, with strangers, looking for some individual attention. You are doing a great thing for your boys!! Good job!


    1. That is heart breaking!! I know it’s hard on the mothers too and some of them don’t have a choice, but for the ones that do, I want to change their minds. Why have children if you wind up spending no time with them? I don’t feel that this is at all what it’s supposed to be like and I truly feel it’s creating the wrong kind of future population.


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