Finding God in this world.

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A journey to create a faith and spiritual practice that brings Spirit fully into one’s life. Thoughts on society, why it’s such a mess and solutions to heal the root of the issues out there.  I explore addictions, poverty, and how to overcome both.  And I talk about ways to create a wholesome lifestyle that is joyous and full of peace.

These are my personal thoughts on God, how to grow in  Spirit, have an incredible life and thrive with the tools we find in the Bible.  It is an exploration of many religious and spiritual practices and being open to all of them, that God has created all sorts of ways for us to find Him, love Him, and fill up on all His goodness.

Free for the week.

6 thoughts on “Finding God in this world.

      1. I don’t own a kindle either but Amazon provides a free cloud kindle reader. It is easy to download and you can read your ordered books on your computer or phone. Thank you very much for giving us so much free content. I have just started giving back by ordering your book “writing with babies”. I never comment but feel touched by your story – perhaps because I became a mom at age 42 and 45? Didn’t we have to wait a long time for a wonderful job? All the best to you and your family, Sandra

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      2. Now that makes me so happy! I love meeting moms that started at the PERFECT time. I had the boys at 41 and 43. You are welcome for the books and enjoy please. Now, it will be repetitive at times because these are daily write ups from my blog and I always write with a new reader in mind so…repeat, repeat, repeat. However, you may find some great ideas and inspiration in all of it.


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