My day as a housewife on the suburban farm.



This farming business keeps a lady busy!  I am sitting in my apron taking a rest at the laptop after cleaning out the hen’s coop and yard.  That consists of removing the top layer or straw from the coop that has poop and throwing it in my garden beds, raking their yard and putting the piles in the girls very own compost, cleaning and filling their large waterer, filling their pan of crumble, throwing them more scrapes and greens, spreading diatomaceous earth in their dusting spots which I discovered today.  Funny, I woke up in the middle of the night and wondered where my girls dusted themselves.  I used to think of other things at night but now I think chicken at all hours…or about the state of my tortilla dough stockpile in the frig.

I’ve got two addictions right now; tortillas and Downton Abbey.  I can’t wait to fold laundry these days.  I’m on season two and already panicked.  What will I do when I reach the last episode?  I can’t just move on to other things.  I’m really involved with this family.  It is such a dry spell between finding that series of books or shows that grip you and suck you in.  It could be years!

Let me tell you, life is great for me as a housewife but when you have that special thing to look forward to at night after dinner and the dishes…it used to be pot and cigarettes and a good red wine long, long, long ago in a far off galaxy on a Friday night, now it’s Master Piece Theater and double churned ice cream.  Praise the Lord!

Today was busy.  Our winter garden is doing well and we just keep planting things.  I spend long morning hours in the gardens watering by water can because my hose nozzle is a bit too aggressive to point at my tender new greens.  I’m watering the fruit trees less with this cooler weather so that saves a bit of time.  I put my speaker in the laundry/office window so I can hear my music and ponder things as I weed and water.

Sometimes I let my hens out and I have boys and chickens running around.  Sometimes that proves a bad and disastrous choice.  Yesterday a hen got into my garden while I was watering and Arjan and I tried herding her out.  Arjan isn’t skilled in chicken catching yet and he kept chasing her into my garden beds.  She was thrilled and showed it by kicking up her hen claws and digging up my beets and carrots.  I was so mad I went after Arjan and once I chased him out I was able to get her out.  That boy is at an age where he doesn’t hear my voice at all.  He hears words like “dinosaur” “tractor” “construction site” but is deaf to all other vocabularies.  Sammy only hears sentences that end in “treat”.

I cook and do dishes all day!  I had to set some rules.  After dinner, the damn kitchen is closed…period!  Today I made a big lunch of mixed veggies, leftover beans, fresh tortillas (of course), and our fake turkey.  The boys have these fabulous green trays I received for free after a garage sale was over.  I love cafeteria-style plates.  I can put all their items in separate spots.


Grannie returned home from a night at her daughters.  She and her daughter joined us for lunch.  I always cook extra to pack Bali’s lunches or for visitors or later snacking.   More washing a sink full of dishes, sweeping the floor and tidying up.  Grannie made bran muffins in the evening for our Saturday breakfast.  Only a few survived the night.

My afternoon consisted of coffee brewing, writing a blog, hanging laundry, that chicken coop and yard cleaning, serving Bali dinner when he got home, reading a few books to Sammy and dinosaur books to Arjan, folding laundry while watching Downton Abbey, making sure every animal and person had been fed and watered, bath time, a bit more tidying and dishes because that never ends and snuggling in bed.

Then a night of more Downton Abbey in my nightgown after everyone is asleep.


17 thoughts on “My day as a housewife on the suburban farm.

  1. You’re as busy as me! Hmmm…maybe busier… I had to laugh at your Downtown Abbey addiction–I haven’t seen it yet, but while I was back in the mountains for 18 months, I found Upstairs, Downstairs at the big library we would visit every two weeks when the Redneck would come up. I had never seen it, but i got hooked–FAST. After the day was done and my son was in his bed listening to the radio, I would be up in the loft (we were in a 35 ft travel trailer) with my laptop and headphones, watching the lives of a Victorian household for seven seasons. I love British television series, and today at the library book sale, after Obie and I had finished helping to set up–I found two complete mystery series on DVD–for $1.00 each! Now if I could just find Seasons 4, 6 & 7 of Sons Of Anarchy, I would be set!

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  2. I laughed at you and Arjan trying to get the chicken out of the garden. And yes, the kids only hear what they want to hear. “treat’ is the only word my dogs answer to sometimes! I think they have me trained to yell treat and then they will come back inside! I loved Downton Abbey too. My friend and I watched the series as they were being played on tv. She and I then took a trip to see some of their clothing and costumes on display. It was a lot of fun and I miss the show!


  3. I got your book today Queen of Penny Punching I believe I read in one of your blogs you have yogurt recipe in it and other stuff. I just felt like there may be some info in it that wasn’t in the others. Read the new one Writing With Babies last night loved. Thanks for all the info you share to about writing. I’ve blogged for 5 or 6 years just paid,and for a full website in March of this year I’ve always wanted to write books and i love to read. The books always better. I checked for the book you read from Sharon White not on Kindle guess I will have,to order it! My boss didn’t want to work with me on my schedule because I was closing every night we don’t have a car and my husband was having to walk up there at night so I told her I couldn’t close, I told he couldn’t walk up there after working 10 or 12 hours lifting 100 lb feed bags so she says you told me not to put you on the schedule I haven’t heard from her she’s a very unpleasant and unkind person must dislike her life and Oh! She s a member of our church which we’ve back away from going as much were there to praise not others I told my husband he had a,real hard time with it prayed and prayed about forgiveness. Don’t you have a new book on Faith? Would love to read it and get your thoughts on all of the above when it comes to God. But my xboss doesn’t reply my husband makes double 1/2 what I did so back to one income but a little more still have to be frugal & thrifty but we’ll be fine! I love to write! I can concentrate on my writing and my husband fully supports me when it comes to my writing! If there’s any thing in any of your other books you think I missed info in them please let me know because I went ahead and got Kindle Umlimited I read so much! And it’s a deal just like Prime! Have a blessed day sorry so Long. Off to write lovely afternoon here sunny and warm!

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