Celebration time and piles of free ebooks for you!


We have been blessed with so many gifts, big and small, these days.  The farm is still an infant and not producing much but I now have a big patch of greens to eat daily.  Only two pickle cucumbers survived but they made a fabulous lunch.  I’ll have to learn to can next year.  Darn.  The hens are giving me 4 eggs a day…well, now that winter is kicking in it’s down to 2 in the last few days.

Arjan is loving his Fox Walkers and I have decided to manifest a move to Grass Valley within the next two years.  That place is really our cup of tea…or coffee in my case.  We are making new friends and experiencing abundance and goodness in many ways.  I just joined as co-owner to the Briar Patch Coop in Grass Valley.  If I order in bulk the savings are incredible.  I get all sorts of great ways to save with my new status.  I’ll blog more on this later for those of you on budgets and wanting to shop organic health food and still afford the rent.

But the biggest news for those of you wonderful new and old friends on here that have been following the husband and deportation situation…we have great news.  He has been granted a deferred status for a year.  What happens next will just be another adventure but for now, we have him here for a whole year and in that time many good things can happen and many doors may open.

To celebrate all this good fortune I’m giving away piles of my ebooks starting tomorrow for the next 5 days.   There is my Many Ways to Happy, Queen of Sober, Every Penny, A Brand New Life, and my fiction The Healing of Rose, along with other books that I can’t recall.

Thank you for all the prayers and loving thoughts you held in your hearts.



11 thoughts on “Celebration time and piles of free ebooks for you!

  1. YAY!!!!!!!!!!!! I will let the folks who have been praying about this know. We’ll continue to pray that all this is resolved in your favor before the year is up. Tell Bali I said congratulations!


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