A brand new living room for $165.







That’s right! $165 is all I paid to do a makeover in that living room.  I apologize for the first photo, it’s dark.  I just can’t seem to get the light right as I take the pictures.  And the furniture made the living room even darker.

I got a bee in my bonnet about getting a new couch recently.  I was going to wait and shop, save, be smart about it.  Sadly, today’s furniture is made to last a short time and couches sag in the middle quickly.  I was looking at paying a $400 to $1,000 for a decent couch.

Then I dropped by a Hospice Thrift in Nevada City while waiting for Arjan in his Fox Walker outdoor class and they just so happen to be having a 50% off sale.  They just so happen to have very nice furniture as well.  It’s an affluent area and I suspect rich retired folk turn in their belongings often.  I found a beautiful and clean couch and light green chair and after a second of internal debate (I was there for only scarves after all), I ask them to load it all up…along with a little lamp I haven’t shown here…and an electric train set for the boys, also not shown yet.  And yes, I did get the scarves.

One rule I have created with all my frugal ways is that when you find a great deal and it’s something you may have been wanting for a while, you grab it.  There are impulse buys you give yourself a few days to ponder but when you have been wanting, say, a new couch and one day you happen upon a great couch for $110, you take it sister!!

And of course, we had to go through the whole gyrations with my husband.  He balked and waived his hand toward that, “trash” and practically filed a complaint regarding the trash I’m always bringing home.  I ignored him and served a plate of hot dinner.  I knew he was tired and had a rough day with having to fire an employee.  His heart was hurt more than caring what I brought home.  I also know this dance.  He complains, then once I’ve got everything cleaned, set up and decorated, he comes behind me fluffing pillows and straightening paintings and showing guest proudly what we have done.  Those of you that read my blog may remember the “office desk” situation.

Today he sat confidently on the coach as I showed my neighbor my loot.  She was impressed and I never mentioned Bali’s belligerence of the night before.  He also tried to make it up to me by hanging all my painting that have waited for months.  Dear man, when will he learn.  We went through this with the house, my desk, now this.  One day he will just have faith that his crazy wife knows best.

It’s cultural really.  He’s Indian and they come over to America wanting the American dream, the new car, the new and big house, the new furniture, the private schools for their children.  I’m American and I know where the American dream leads…heart attack or high blood pressure at the very least, maybe an anxiety disorder or drinking problem.

I’m half hippy, dippy, half conservative and old-fashioned.  I also watched my mother struggle with money.  I have the vision for old stuff and when I see an old house, an old town, an old piece of furniture, I can see its potential.

Because I did that with this fixer upper and all that “trash” I’ve dragged home we now have a tiny mortgage in Northern California and that is nothing short of a miracle right there.  And we have a very charming and cozy cottage that has cost us some cash in the wallet or nothing at all.  Amen!

15 thoughts on “A brand new living room for $165.

  1. Your new room looks lovely! I’m thankful the Redneck has gotten past all that–after 21 years, he had better be! Recently I ripped out all the 20 plus years old carpet from the living room–I just couldn’t take it anymore. Underneath is particle board. We had discussed buying and installing laminate flooring, but my little cheapskate heart just couldn’t handle that cost, so I spent a few hours online researching how to paint a floor. When I explained just how much cheaper and easier it would be, he gave the idea the thumbs up. So hopefully I will have photos up on my blog after the first of the year showing my new floor. ‘New’ surroundings for less–can’t beat it!

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    1. I can never find your blog would love to read and see it! Let me know Evelyn, my father passed away 3 days before Thanksgiving hes at Peace now or will be laid to rest soon! 73’S A LONG LIFE! I’ve cried alot but rejoyous tears! He was a good man! Blessed day!

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  2. Gorgeous living room Lucky you with such great finds Old classics are definitely better than cheaply made newer furniture I have in my home furniture bought with green stamps by my parents for their first home and some 46 year old Ethan Allen furniture that was mine as a girl


      1. Greens stamps were a bonus some grocery stores gave. The more you spent, the more stamps you got. There were books to fill up with the stamps and then the filled stamp books would be turned in at a redemption store for prizes. Maybe 5 books would buy a toaster, 10 books would buy a blender, 50 books would buy a vacuum cleaner.
        This was back in the day before discount grocers like Walmart came along.
        It was fun way for homemakers to add to their homes back when money really was hard to come by.


  3. I love ot Kate, the yellow looks lovely and your windows,are so bright with the light! I hope you had a great Thanksgiving! We di, my father passed away Nov. 17th, i found out Sunday the,20th, I’ve had to go through quite the challenge w/paperwork. Hopefully hell be at peace soon! My brother the heartless jerk i havent seen in 6 yrs or talk to well appeared in messenger said horrible things I’d never repeat,and with a,sign off of your dead to me excuse me i think hes been dead! I will be blessed due to handling this and doing the right thing, its not about money! My God who would or could do this and he drove there and did not bother contacting me my uncle ( dads brother did) how i handled this! If not thats okay to! I,still cannot grasp it! Have cried daily, my father was to good of a man! He drove out of Ga. And left ky father in the morgue because of the root of all evil money! Not on my watch taken care of blessed day had to come and get my katesingh.com ! Have a blessed evening! Rant over thanks for the serenity i het here from your blogs!


    1. I’m really sorry. It’s terrible when we can’t have support from a sibling and that is some hurt that will take time to heal. I hope you can and have some peace. I know you’ll miss your dad. I send my love.


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