Vegan Youtube cooking made easy…and super fun!


As I go forward on this vegan eating journey and I am working on a slim figure I will start sharing recipes.  But first I need to learn some recipes, play with a few of my own, and work on them until they are actually edible.  Take this photo above for example.  This doesn’t look very yummy.  I think it was but I can’t remember what I made, to be honest.

I’m loving these tea and noodle soup mornings.  I tried to make a vegan Pho noodle soup and it was awful.  Fortunately, I had some egg flower soup and I just made that minus the egg and threw in the rice noodles and some bean sprouts and shredded veggies like cabbage and carrots.  It was fine.  We had it in the morning with hot herbal tea and it felt so hydrating, light, and fortifying.  It was not filling for long so it’s not what you would eat before a long mountain hike.

Vegan food, when it’s really clean, moves through you quickly.  Thus nut butter!

So, until I have some fun stuff to share, let’s go to the professionals.  I have been thoroughly enjoying HighCarbHannah on Youtube and she led me to this crazy, fun lady, MommyTang also on Youtube.  Watch both for great ideas, dishes, and some entertainment.  Both ladies have some personality.  Mommy Tang is a little kooky like me so I adore her.


High Carb Hannah will teach you stacks upon stacks of dishes and she will take you through her kitchen to see all the seasonings she works with.  She is positive and makes food in her tiny kitchen with no oven!

Have as much fun as I’m having!


5 thoughts on “Vegan Youtube cooking made easy…and super fun!

  1. Oh, the jar of Kimchi in the first video makes me want to make some this weekend. I first had kimchi when I was stationed in Korea 40 years ago, and fell in love with the stuff. I never got sick the whole time I was over there–probably because the stuff burns out every germ that has the nerve to invade the body. When I first came back to the states, I was staying at my mom’s. I was going out at night, and I met a Vietnamese woman in one of the bars. I was bemoaning the loss of kimchi from my diet, and she brought me a big jar of it the next night. When I got home I put it on the kitchen table and went to bed, anticipating the joy of kimchi with breakfast. When I got up the next morning I couldn’t find the jar. As I looked around, my mom said, “If you are looking for that jar, that shit is out on the porch, where it will stay. You can eat it OUT THERE!” Hmmm…..apparently she was not a connoisseur of Asian cuisine!

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  2. Thank you for the links. I love the Happy Pear. Funny male twins from Ireland. They are dads and know how to cook for kids. They also own a vegan restaurant and published a book. Have a great day, Sandra


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