How to do some major home decorating for $300 at the Thrift store.


Since the day I became a housewife I have led a life of making budgets, saving money, being frugal and thrifty to the extreme (and sometimes failing at this), and doing even the smallest and silliest things to make things stretch.  Even when it wasn’t so necessary.

Then a few years back I encouraged my husband to downsize.  We moved from a ranch house on the Delta to a tiny house in town.  We blessed others with truck loads of furniture, toys, clothes, and kitchen stuff, outdoor climbers and so on.  I downsized to what we loved, enjoyed, and used.

We saved a bundle monthly with less rent and utilities and I enjoyed cleaning less.  I made do with the things we had saved.

Now we own our first home and I’m still feeling like a new mother.  We saved and toiled and prayed and prepared for 6 years and at last, we won a little 1941 cottage during a HUD bid.  By morning I owned this sweet home for the shockingly small sum of $135K.  The home was shelter to many squatters so it needed some boiling and painting but after a long spring and summer, it is an adorable little blue home.

I want to nest and I’ve wanted to replace my couch with all its stains and sagging middle.  I’ve wanted to decorate and spend a little money, have some fun nesting.  However, we still need to be smart with the money and continue to save.

Fortunately, I found a fantastic Hospice Thrift in Nevada City and I have dragged home some truly delightful items that are priced so low I feel I should really keep all this a secret.

I replaced my couch for $110.  The couch I purchased had no smell, stains, completely clean, almost unused.

The light green velvet armchair also in great condition for $50.

An angel lamp for $10.

A triple matted painting for $35 (that was at a local store that did over price)

Another great framed photo for $10.

Knick Knacks and holiday decor for .50 cents to $3.00.


This is the living room before with the old furniture.  It’s dark.  Not bad, but not my vision.  Below is my new living room.  So cozy.


In the corner by the TV is the green chair.  Clean and new almost.


Here is the couch.  Some antique no one used.  I almost think it was covered in plastic.  And here are all the other items.



I have very few ornaments from losing them over the years and having to keep them spars due to sticky fingers and wagging tails.  At the thrift store, I found a box of 34 glass ornaments for $3 and bags and bags of charming and antique and funky ornaments for a dollar each bag of mixed decorations.  I now have 15 years worth of ornaments that cost less than $10.

So, to decorate my living room with new furniture and a painting, a new framed photo for the bathroom, lamp…oh, two lamps, I forgot to photograph the other, plenty of ornaments for the tree, an angel, santa, and four Christmas cups…less than $230.  Wow.  Fun right?










6 thoughts on “How to do some major home decorating for $300 at the Thrift store.

    1. You’re fun to watch. Love your personality, but you need some better lighting. Thank you for that review on the book…I forgot which one already. I try not to check too often because some of the reviews are nasty. I have a lot more fun if I just put stuff out there and not look.


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