When a shift occurs with a life transformation.


Recently I’ve begun another life transformation.  This is my favorite compound word? Life transformation…hum, I think the words have to be connected.  I’m being re-educated from Kindergarten up with my sons’ homeschooling.

Ok, just looked it up and there are three types of a compound word; joined, hyphenated, and separate but making a new meaning.  Lord, I’m gettin’ smart!

So, let’s get back on track.  I have been through a few life transformations.  One when I began seeking ways to get closer to God.  That one took years and years because I was raised atheist, if one can be raised as such a believer…of the natural evolution from gases?  I don’t know.

The next huge life transformation came with taking care of my mother in her last days.  That was healing and reshaped the rest of my years forward.

Then came my wholesome life when I quit all my vices such as pot smoking, cigarettes, drinking on the weekends.  That was combined with intense spiritual work so it was a real wowie zowie.

The last transformation to date was becoming a wife and motherhood, becoming a housewife and then my writing career.  That is the transformation that keeps going forever.

Now we have those little transformations that pack a punch of goodness to the whole being and even out to the community and world.  My focus on going green and being more sustainable would be one of those and becoming vegan with more of a commitment this time to remaining such is the other global feel-good change.

The vegan movement is something we, as a family, have tried many times to only wind up with a baked chicken stuffed with cheese and wrapped in bacon after a few weeks.

But this time is different.  We have been growing into it for months now and getting stronger with each choice and each new recipe.  I have dived right in just as I did when I quit smoking both forms of tobacco and greenery.  I had to change everything and rewire my brain to want other things, to find other ways to entertain myself.  I had to change to fit my new life choice.

I feel strongly that veganism is the only way to a true and vibrant health and the only way our planet, the humans that roam it, and the creatures will have any peace and healing.  Why?  Because I have educated myself on this topic for years.  I have read the books, The China Study, Forks over Knives, Plant Strong, Diet for a New Planet, Skinny Bitch, and on and on.  I have watched the documentaries, Vegucated, Farmmageddon, Forks over Knives, Food Matters, Live and Let Live…all painful to watch but I wish everyone in the world would watch.

So, I decided to commit because I love animals, I love this planet God created for us and I want to be the change.  I want to be part of the solution.  I changed the way we shop, what my pantry is stocked with, I found new recipes and began to have some fun, I try new products all the time, I have a pot of beans simmering and brown rice steaming all the time.  I read stacks of books on the subject, pour over recipes and copy my favorites.  I watch the documentaries when I feel weak to remind myself and I read vegan blogs to be inspired.  I am even making new friends that just so happen to be vegetarian or vegan.

And that is metaphysics right there.  As I talk, eat, think, blog, and be more vegan…I’m literally attracting vegans to me.  For example; my neighbors across the street had a bar b q.  I wound up sitting next to and hitting it off just great with the only vegetarian there.  Then I joined a group called Hikers with Kids so we could really get out in nature.  We bonded with two mothers I met up with, one of them is vegetarian and her family is vegan.  Then I call a childhood friend the other day and she is usually on Adkins and eating meat with cheese and cheese with meat.  She tells me that she and her husband went vegan.  What?!  This is amazing.  It doesn’t stop there, I go to Winco in another town and meet a truck driver in the bulk section who says he’s making his own trail mix for his trips because he’s been vegan for 17 weeks.

It used to be when you said you were vegan you got some flak but now when I say I’m vegan the people say back, “me too” or “so is my family”.  It’s too big now.

Guess what else is too big now?  Homeschooling.  I used to get some trouble for that as well…mostly from family, but now when I make that announcement I hear, “Oh, that’s why your boys are so smart or well adjusted”  or “I wish I could do that for my child” and then I hear all their woes about the public school system and the stresses on their child and the family.  I have had more mothers do therapy over the child’s school.

Being a housewife is another thing that I don’t get strange looks for either.  I get mothers saying they wish they could stay home.

There is a shift in this world today.  A shift in consciousness for everyone.  People are tired.  Tired of the rat race, the commutes, the big corporations, the factory farming that is polluting our soil and water and air and torturing animals.  Mothers want to be home with their little ones and many parents want to pull their children out of the public schools.  People want a slower pace, an old-fashioned life before all the pollution, overcrowding, crime, media, iPhones, iPads, Facebook, Twitter.

I research a lot and I see this everywhere.  I see that developers and architects are making greener and more walkable cities (like the old days), they are retrofitting and regreening suburbs and strip malls because they realize all this building and cementing over land for cars is not sustainable for a community or future planet.  People are talking about unplugging, shutting off the TV, putting the cell phone away when they get home.  The family dinner at the table is coming back, women are finding the courage to quit the office job and take up that little one and do the raising, not some daycare.  People are starting to ride bikes and walk to work and around town.  Parents are finding the ways to homeschool.

It just takes courage to step away from the mainstream and know that you will find the means, the strength, the guidance, the support when and where you need it to make that change.  You can homeschool even if you don’t have a college degree, millions of parents are doing it.  You can live on one income and stay home with the children, you will just need to trim and restructure your monetary lifestyle.  You can go green and you will feel better for it.  You can become vegetarian…even if it’s only 4 days a week, and you will feel healthier for it.

I feel the shifts out there in the world and I feel it within my own small existence.  We have since joined groups to hike in the forest with and Arjan belongs to a group called Fox Walkers in Nevada City.  He learns Native American ways and the 4 elements.  He explores the woods, builds shelters, makes tools from stone, tracks animals and is becoming a forest child connected to Mother Earth and Spirit just as God intended for us all.

We hike with other parents and I speak openly about veganism and homeschooling because I see now that there is a curiosity and desire that many parents and people have for another way from what is not working in their families lives and health.  I have people talk to me for hours about what is wrong.  I know they are just trying to find their way to what is right for them and their children.  I only hope that I can motivate them to listen to their heart.  It took me years and I struggled.

Now, I’m at that point of life where all the parts have come together.  Since becoming vegan I see my body changing (ever so slowly I might add), I see my face change and I look better and more healthy each day.  I have signed us up to a few groups to hike, homeschool, and be a part of nature.  I find that we are loving the forest, attracting some really nice friends, and enjoying life more fully.  I haven’t turned on the TV in days and I even gave Arjan a break from his daily studies.  When he returned he chose to work on the computer half an hour instead of 3 hours.  My children are choosing art projects and playing with their blocks and train tracks or to spend time outside because media feels nerve-jarring after so many days in the woods and sunshine with only the sounds of birds and rivers flowing over rock.  Their imaginations are very stimulated and they seem extremely happy and vibrant.

They have had one cold so far that lasted a day and barely affected them.  I felt a cold coming too and with some vitamin C and good eating it never fully developed.  Our bodies are growing stronger and cleaner each day.

I’ve been listening to a lot of Krishna Dass and Native American flutes and drums.  It’s not my usual music choice but now it soothes me.  I read a lot and haven’t watched TV since I finished my Downton Abby series.  I feel myself slowing down and becoming present and methodic in my daily routines.  I even shop differently.  I’m choosing local and handcrafted products.  Even globally made as long as it’s handcrafted.  I spent a pretty penny on a broom the other day because it was handcrafted in San Francisco, beautifully made and I would have spent double to 10 times that on a wood floor vacuum.  I could fix my vacuum but I love sweeping now.  I feel very Tibetan each morning as I sweep the floors.  I’m partly kidding…but not really.

Our food is getting greener, more organic, and if it’s not local it’s fair trade.  Sadly, I just found out that Morning Star is friends with Monsanto.  I’ll have to investigate that one.

As I clear out the toxins, I become clearer mentally and spiritually as well.  I feel so good about making this choice that I’m making all sorts of choices out of love and consciousness with a new resolve.  Before I talked about buying handcrafted, local, fair trade, small business…now I do it without a question even if I have to pay more.  It does such good that ripples out so far and wide we can’t even imagine.

All our choices, tiny daily and large overall life choices, make a difference for us, our families and out to the whole world and all involved from a child in Asia doing child labor in hideous conditions to the jungles that are being burned down for palm oil so someone in America can buy cheap chips or dollar burgers.  When we choose the organics and fair trade we choose a good life for those children and families in other villages, we choose clean air and water and soil.  When we bike and walk we say no to oil and all the greed and corruption that comes with it.  We improve our lives and health as well.  We teach our children to connect to and respect the Earth and their fellow human brothers and sisters and the creatures that have no voice and depend on us for protection.

Think about where your money goes, what you eat, and how you live day to day and you will change the world.

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