Bringing more charm into daily life.

I’ve been searching for a percolator.  They last forever and you never have to buy filters.  It would also look sweet in my 1941 kitchen.  What I did find was that they are very expensive now.  I also found a fun little stovetop Italian espresso maker.  No filter needed.  I was wooed by the idea of having fancy coffee each morning.

I’m waiting each day for that delivery and I just can’t wait to rid my counter of the old Mr. Coffee that has been faithful but is an eyesore and has been acting funny since I gave it a good scrub.  It gave me a scare once and didn’t turn on after this said scrubbing.  That was scary to be so dependent on an electric appliance to give me my morning cup o’ heaven.  It gets a swampy slime in the water chamber. It requires filters.  Thanks to my last neighbor before we moved, I have enough filters to get through the next two years.  She had read my blog about reusing coffee filters and felt sorry for me.  I was gifted with two stacks.  I still reuse coffee filters because frugal habits are forever.

I’ve been reading about making Cuban coffee because it sounds so otherworldly.  A cafecito.  Yum, fancy.  You brew any coffee and take 1/4 sugar and beat it to a foam with some of the brewing coffee.  Then pour the remaining coffee over the sugar and then into espresso cups. The sugar foam rises to the top.

I love studying the Cuban Green Revolution, even purchased a book for my shelf all about it.  I’ll make my Cuban coffee, read my book on Cuban gardening and travel without leaving my kitchen.

I can even have an Italian morning…a Greek morning (I remember there coffee being sort of Cuban).  Then I can do my own fun invention.

Oh, where is that package?!!!

26 thoughts on “Bringing more charm into daily life.

  1. The first morning after I moved in, the Redneck showed me how he made coffee, and for 21 years, it’s been my job to ensure he has his cup of ‘Redneck Plasma’ each morning. We used a percolator when we lived in the mountains–it not only made good coffee, using the little propane stove in the camper helped to warm up the travel trailer we lived in during the winter! We have a big blue enamel coffee pot for camping, and the ‘cowboy coffee’ we make will definitely jump start your day.


      1. Somehow, sweeping with a real straw broom just FEELS better than a plastic or nylon broom. Maybe it’s childhood nostalgia, but I doubt it–I HATED sweeping as a kid. Perhaps I’m getting in touch with my inner Proverbs 31 woman.


  2. In 2011, I tried the French press pot of coffee at our table at the Polynesian Village Resort in Walt Disney World in 2011 and I’ve been sold every since. No filters, no watching – just boil water and pour over. It makes such fresh tasting coffee in 4 minutes. I do also grind my own beans – which I’m sure adds to the experience, but I’ve used it with just regular coffee as well and it is great.

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    1. When we did rodeos several years ago, we always brought our own food and beverages, and of course, I figured out how to make coffee over a small propane fire. I would heat the water in a small thrift store kettle, put the coffee into a thrifted french press, pour the water over, wait a bit, then enjoy. One morning one of the cowboys saw the Redneck drinking coffee, and asked how we had coffee, since the concession stand wasn’t open yet. The Redneck started to explain, “Well, first you take a tea kettle…” The cowboy stopped him, saying it already sounded like too much work, he would wait for the concession to open!

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  3. I just saw a hack video where a woman puts puts a tablespoon of either grass fed butter or coconut oil into her coffee. Something about the omega 3s working to prevent the caffeine spurt and crash. She says it tastes good too. I don’t see the Redneck doing that any time soon…


  4. Never could get the hang of Percolators. I think I’ll be sticking with the French Press. That being said: We can definitely agree on the fact that anything electric with a water reservoir is definitely more hassle than it’s worth.


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