How to do all your holiday baking in 5 hours.


I spent a good 5 hours today making Christmas goody boxes for neighbors and the mailman.  I haven’t done this in years but I somehow managed to have a nice little system going.  Even chores and lunch were accomplished while waiting for the sugar cookie dough to chill in the frig.

The whole routine was vlogged and I will attach the video down below.  The recipes and how to is all there but if you want the recipes you can find them in my The Homemade Housewife.

Off season you can find old-fashioned tins at thrift stores for .25 cents and .50 cents.  I buy all my baking goods at Winco and I get the most generic brands.  With what I made today I could have filled 20 tins and I believe the whole event cost less than $30.  I will start keeping and totaling up recipes so I can give accurate pricing.  I figure that each tin filled with homemade deliciousness would cost less than $2 dollars.  This is a great way to gift friends, family, neighbors, your pediatrician, mailman/lady, and so on for very little money.  For those of you wanting to give this year and not having much to fund the desire…this is an answer to your prayers.

Tomorrow we will take out the wagon and make our rounds to pass out the tins before we eat them ourselves.

Happy Holidays!


11 thoughts on “How to do all your holiday baking in 5 hours.

  1. I downloaded and watched this last night–good job. The boys eating the chocolate chips and cleaning up the last of the chocolate from the pan was cute. I have been making a list of the totes I will be making up in January. Christmas baking and holiday tins have joined the list. This year I am giving out pint jars filled with homemade blackberry flavored vodka (I used berries I had picked on the mountain and then froze, sugar and inexpensive vodka). I will either use Christmas cupcake liners or cloth to decorate the lids. My cost is very low for these, since the berries were free, and with sugar purchased on sale throughout the year. I save jars as I get them, so that’s less expense.


  2. Yes, I’m talking about home brewed beer. I never had the misfortune to drink green beer, but my one legged biker buddy, Stinger, told me stories of fellas who wanted to get drunk so bad they couldn’t wait for the beer to finish. Yeah…can you say intestinal discomfort?


      1. Well, that would have to be better than the time Stinger woke up years ago after drinking to find his buddy had driven an ice pick through his ear lobe and into a door jamb…yes, I have bizarre friends, but I love them!

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