How to manifest anything.


I have some dreams that I want to bring into my reality.  I strongly believe in the Law of Manifestation and I strongly believe that Christ tried teaching this to us.  Some got it and many do not.  That’s fine, we are our only responsibility.  I have to remind myself that other people and their lives are not my mission here in this life.  I’m also not here to fix the entire world…after all, I’m not God.  Whew, what a relief to put that burden down.

I have been studying Law of Attraction for years and I still feel like I’m just starting out.  Partly that is annoying and I wonder why I’m such a slow learner in this area and partly this makes it fun because it’s always new and exciting as I get new pieces to the puzzle fitted into place.

I had a very difficult childhood and youth and I was raised atheist with a huge side of “the world is going to hell in a handbasket”.  I was raised by a single mother who was filled with remorse, guilt, anger, self-hate and so on.  I have had to basically rewire and brainwash myself to correct thinking.  Therefore I have to listen to lectures and read books and watch movies on manifestation and co-creation with God over and over and over…and again.

But I love this topic and I don’t mind listening to Stuart Wilde or Esther Hicks while I scrub my toilet and fold my laundry.  I believe that listening to a lecture and cleaning my home is one of the most therapeutic days I could possibly have.

Two things I was reminded of tonight that I have to say before I forget.  When working on a miracle in your life you absolutely can NOT be logical or negative at any time or you will cancel out the manifestation instantly.

Let me tell you a very inspiring story.  It’s true but I don’t have many details because it’s about a friend of mine’s friend.

My friends’ friend…we’ll call her Sue.  Sue needed a car.  She decided to try manifesting one.  She started listening to a lecture that really spoke to her personally.  I don’t know if it was The Secret or Esther Hicks, sorry, however, it was about manifesting and she listened to it every single day for a few months.  She also kept absolutely positive and made sure to surround herself with only attractive and positive things.  If she was looking down the street and saw an ugly car she would look away and find a nice car to focus on.  In two to three months she was given a car for free.

This is a common story amongst those that have really mastered the art of manifesting.  So easy right?  No logic (very easy for me) and no negativity.  At all.  That one gets me every time.  I manifest plenty but I get in my own way and sometimes it’s not as fabulous as I had intended or it takes much longer than it should.  My mind is still not trained and powerful.  It takes time to be positive and stay in faith. All. The. Time.

I am going to follow in Sue’s footsteps and see the magic unfold.  I can tell all sorts of stories of success but if I could really stay clear….wow.

I like to listen to Stuart Wilde all the time and lately it’s almost daily.  I have to drill the message into my busy head.  Here is the link for those of you that love manifesting and metaphysics you may like this man.  He goes deep and is very inspiring.  I will say that since I started listening to this one video I have had some fantastic work in my own life.

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