Happy Holidays and Happy New Year!! All books .99 cents to the end of January. Let’s set some goals!



It’s been a busy and productive year for the Singh family.  We purchased our first home, which was a blessing and miracle right there.  Arjan started homeschooling.  I’m learning how to build my own food forest and tiny, mini farm.  We have a new community and that includes all the amazing people I’ve met on this blog and now the YouTube Channel.

It’s time for gifting!  I love giving things away but I’ve already done that recently so I’ll put all the books at .99 cents since I can only do freebies every so many months.

I’m setting some goals for the New Year and I’m getting pretty good at accomplishing goals.  The trick is setting small, easy, and fun goals that you look forward to doing and reaching.  I have a lot of ideas for next year and I’m preparing with my reading and study.

I have books on life transformations, homemaking, getting out of debt and becoming frugal.  Unfortunately, not weight loss tips yet. 😦

Let’s set some goals for a fantastic 2018 filled with financial freedom, cozier and cleaner cottages, healthier habits, happier outlooks, and new backyard farms.

I wish you all the success and joy you desire!

Here is my Amazon page with a list of books.



12 thoughts on “Happy Holidays and Happy New Year!! All books .99 cents to the end of January. Let’s set some goals!

      1. Just me and the Redneck. We went to a friend’s house after church and enjoyed a very nice afternoon, plus our friends gave us some cedar boards so I can build Obie a new headboard for his room.


  1. Thanks Kate and my cable guys are here I can,really enjoy your videos now! U cant wait I,plan to do some to I am really excited about this and I’ll do away with my cell phone,so,it will save us there! Have a,wonderful day. Thats why I,only wrote one post this,week waiting for internet and cable. We got the smallest package available at least my hubby will have,something to watch our service here in the country for all listed is awful!


      1. Hi Kate and I’m watching your videos right now. First place I went! Ha ha! Watching in my Kindle while I do some work on my blog! Looks like I really messed some things up! Have a,great,day! It must have been my phone. I’ll have to,get,some up. Hows the editing? There are all types of programs,and,soft ware we csn have get for free,but,some are,so complicated! For me anyways! Love your voice!

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