Easy and yummy vegan snacks and dishes. New products worth trying. Converting to veganism and how to afford it even on food stamps or a fixed income.


As I enter the vortex of vegan living and then complicate it all the more with trying to lose weight (not as easy as you’d think) I am trying all sorts of products and dishes.  I watch YouTube vloggers such as High Carb Hannah and The Vegan Athlete, Mommy Tang and The Happy Pear.

A few things happen as you convert to Veganism.  First of all, you feel much better overall and you begin to look better, younger, more dewy skinned.  Then your taste buds change and you begin to crave foods that are very fresh and alive.  You will find that it is best to just stick to cooking and preparing foods at home.

The next thing that becomes clear is that if you really want to drop that weight off at “gone for good” town and you desire that clear, dewy skin and energy that keeps you bouncing and whistling through your day…you will have to get really real.

Real food from the Earth that is.  All the processed food is great for the big transition but eventually, you want to move fully into straight fruits and veggies, legumes, lentils, grains, potatoes, nuts.  This is where the thriving and miraculous health and well being will begin to grow and take over your whole life.

And it does!  Your polluted body cleanses and heals, your mind clears and comes into sharp focus, your energy soars but in a fantastically even way that makes life easy, and you feel good and happy!  Chores? No problem.  Life? No problem.

Go slow, ease into it, eat the vegan junk food and processed food, let it naturally take you to the other side.  It will happen.

I’m now going to the other side and I am so darn picky about food right now.  I ordered a vegan pizza from Dominoes Saturday night and sent it right back.  I’ve never, ever sent a meal or anything back.  It was flat, old, burnt.  It looked so yummy when the YouTubers had their Muckbang’s.  I’ve had more than a few flops with products, eating out, cooking.  It’s a bummer when it happens.  And I’m so hungry all the time.

Another thing that happens with the new vegan if you are active is that you are hungry all the time.  The food you eat is so clean and processed by your body so fast.  You may be very deficient in nutrients when you start so really pack in that green stuff and produce of every color and shape.  Don’t ever, ever worry about calories.  You probably won’t gain if you keep it to Earth food (produce, potatoes, rice, beans).

I have a few snack and dish ideas for those of you in a hurry or lazy.  These are cheap and healthy and super easy.  The photos don’t look that appealing as I have a cheap camera (manifesting a new one right now), but these dishes are good.


Popcorn is a great and fibrous snack (get nonGMO and organic).  Pop huge bowls and even pack bags of it when you travel.  It’s a vegan, healthy version of chips.  You can ad vegan butter or coconut oil with sea salt and/or nutritional yeast.  It is so GOOD!

You can use any vegan packaged stir-fry type noodles and any sort of vegetables for this dish.  When I don’t have much time I just use a whole cabbage and whatever veggies I have, stir fry with vegetable broth, then throw in these noodles.  You can also use spaghetti and an Asian sauce of your choice.  I put very little noodles and tons of veggies.


Good old-fashioned brown rice with steamed broccoli or other veggies.  Add soy sauce or coconut aminos.


This rice and veggie stew was SO good.  This one was inspired by leftovers.  Brown rice, peas and corn, sliced carrots, and leftover vegetarian fried rice from Trader Joes.  I stewed it in vegetable stock and added some fake chicken bouillon and bay leaves.  You can create any stew with grains, veggies, and a stock.


Bake a ton of stuff once a week and store it in the freezer.  It saves time and it saves utility bills when you bake a lot at once.  Here I have two loaves of bread and bran raisin muffins going.


I will bake and cook a lot of food one day a week to make life easy.  Here we have a crock pot loaded with beans that I make with tons of fresh garlic and sea salt.  Then we have a rice cooker full to the top with brown rice.  The jar is homemade salad dressing.  I will make a huge salad and it keeps in the frig for at least 3 to 4 days.  Add a pile of homemade tortillas and you have all sorts of mix and match dishes you can do with rice, beans, salad, bread, tortillas.  I like to make veggies fresh daily as I just steam a minute or two so they are crispy.  You can make stir fry, burritos, soups with bread sliced thick and slathered with vegan butter, potatoes loaded with the beans and salsa, and so on.

I sometimes bake two sheets of potatoes to eat for a few days.  You can chop up for breakfast hash browns or loaded potato or soup.


This is chocolate, peanut butter ice cream.  It is so healthy you can have it for breakfast.  Wait until the bananas are spotted with brown and peel, break into pieces and freeze in a bag.  When frozen you throw into a good blender with a little plant milk (almond, oat, soy) and some cocoa.  After blended add to a bowl and top with peanut butter or any nut butter and whatever else.  Add coconut flakes, raisins, nuts, seeds, granola.


To make rice tasty I put Knorr seasoning in when cooking.  I learned this trick from an old friend years ago.  Another trick is adding vegan butter and herbs or I used to add Knorr chicken seasoning (as you can see, this was an old photo) but now I use vegetable seasoning and vegan butter.


And last of all, here are some more products that I tried recently.  The Porkless sweat and sour is very delicious and the Organicville ketchup with agave is like regular ketchup (I’m a Heinz fan), the oat milk is great for the banana ice cream and the Nama Shoyu is like soy sauce.  The sweetened condensed coconut milk is too good and dangerous and I love it in my new espressos that I make from my stove top espresso maker.


I have found that I can buy almost all organics at the Briar Patch Coop if I keep it down to produce in season, bulk rice, beans, wheat, and comparison shop.  Splurging on good coffee is mandatory but in bulk, I save a lot.

Getting healthy, converting to vegetarian or vegan, turning to organics and nonGMO’s and trying to do it all on a small budget, maybe food stamps or a fixed income is daunting.  Add a family to that and it seems impossible.

Stick with me and I’ll show you how to do it.  I’m shopping only at our Briar Patch Coop weekly and I’m doing it with the same budget a family of 4 would have on food stamps.  I make vlogs every Friday so come join me.

Here is the first one to get you started.  I promise they will get a bit more organized.  This was my first.  From this video, you can go to my YouTube channel and get all sorts of ideas on saving money, backyard farming, buying and storing in bulk, and more.

7 thoughts on “Easy and yummy vegan snacks and dishes. New products worth trying. Converting to veganism and how to afford it even on food stamps or a fixed income.

  1. I’m not vegan but I don’t eat processed food. The idea of “Vegan fill-in-the-blank” like vegan cheese, chick’n nuggets, all translates in my brain to “chemical shit storm.” I know if people are already eating junk, vegan junk may be a more conscious option but I’d rather eat responsibly sourced animal products like eggs and honey than any form of processed food. We’ve begun buying our limited dairy products straight from the farm with the help of our CSA so I feel better about it. And since the CSA doesn’t carry meat and I’m finding I’m too lazy to spend my down time grocery shopping, we’re transitioning away from meat altogether.

    I wholeheartedly agree that whether you’re vegan, vegetarian, primal or paleo, the health benefits appear when you transition away from processed foods and eat as close to the earth as possible. One more note to be aware of: soy can act as an estrogen replacement. That doesn’t necessarily mean it’s bad, but it’s something to be aware of when you’re feeding young boys, and it’s worth a conversation with their pediatrician/nutritionist.


    1. Yes, absolutely and as you keep reading more of my future blogs you will see that I mention the dangers of too much soy and we move slowly from processed vegan to the real “label” free foods that come from the earth. However, for beginners there is a transition time and when you love meat and cheese it is a comfort to find the alternatives. And some are actually not bad with natural ingredients. Love the “shit storm”. Love, love CSA’s and encourage us all to support our local farms. Thank you for your insight and information for us all.


  2. Thanks for a great post. I am sick with a GI issue this morning and I am seriously thinking about all the junk I put into my gut. I need to take better care of myself and I hope to start eating more earthy and health conscious too. I had some serious heartburn last night and I was researching what ‘not’ to eat…. it was almost everything I eat on a daily basis. It’s amazing what we do to ourselves!! I agree with Stacy Stark’s comment above too. We can sometimes replace one bad food for another if we aren’t careful. About the vegan cheese, pork, etc… I was reading something in the whole 30 information and it said trying to replace one thing for a fake alternative,(especially sweets!) is like having sex with your pants on….. LOL.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Which could be fun but frustrating! Well, we do a lot of plant food, food from the earth or “label free” food. The alternatives are just to get you through the times you would really love a say cheeseburger. Also, many of the alternatives are not so unhealthy such as Field Roast. They make all their alternative meats from veggies and grains. I use a faux turkey made out of mushroom meat. Almond milk can be made and is very healthy and clean when homemade. They have a cheese dip to die for made with just cashews and nutritional yeast. So, it all depends. But it is best to eat from the ground period. Do a juice cleanse and you’ll feel right as rain soon.


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