The Zen like home. And the flow of life.


Many changes lately.  Grannie moved out. I joined some homeschooling groups far and wide.  My chiropractic visits have increased so much that I feel I should be having high tea with the man each day.  I have been planning events for the new MeetUp groups I joined and the first hike I hosted was a flop as no one showed up.  One of my more recent books I published and had big hopes for flopped.  The first two reviews on another cherished book were not only two stars but pretty negative.

Oh, and then I wanted to start a yoga routine in the mornings but I found that my children have destroyed all my DVD’s.  All the good yoga and resistance DVD’s are a mess thanks to the boys playing disk throwing or something.  All except for one prenatal pilates from 6 years ago.

I have failed in saving money like a champ and my frugal ways have gone missing.  I’m in a more nesting mode and I am finding delightful items to add to my nest.  That has required some money.

Now, with that all said and the complaints made, I’m going to say that it has all turned out for the absolute best.  These situations can only be made gloomy and disheartening when I become attached to the outcome…or have the outcome planned out in my head.  If I take things personally I will become hurt and depressed.  Nothing is really personal, it’s just the Universe building what you are dreaming of and in that building process there involves some destruction, tearing down, and dismissing of thing, people and places that aren’t on your path to your destiny.

For example, I’m having issues with my lower back and left leg.  The tread climber is not what I need right now, I need yoga or something to rebuild my core.  I find all my exercise, yoga, and weight training dvds.  They are all ruined except that silly prenatal pilates.  I start doing the prenatal pilates because it’s all I have right?  Turns out that the simple looking routine is 50 minutes of hell.  A good kind of hell.  I shake and sweat and pray for a swift and quick end.  It worked my core alright and every muscle from the inside out and from my core out to my toes and hair follicles.  It seems I no longer have any muscles and that may be the issue with my lower back.  With all the core work and stretches, I was deeply sore for two days.  I also felt no more pain in my leg.  This was the solution and I’ve been doing this work out every other day for a couple weeks now.  I’m feeling great and getting stronger.  I would never have chosen this work out if the other DVD’s had been in working shape.  This is the Universe removing all things so I’m forced to do the one odd seeming work out that answers all my prayers to a strong and pain-free body.

Then the other example of Spirit moving in my life to aid me in creating the life and environment I desire for my family and myself.  I have joined a few groups for homeschooling and Hikers with Kids.  These are groups I found on  I know that we can’t do activities with all these groups often or we will be too busy.  I am trying them on for size.  I plan and host an event with two of the groups; Hikers with Kids and our towns local homeschooling group.  I plan a trip hiking by the river and in the beautiful forest.  No one shows.  Not one person from either group arrives to hike under the fall colors or throw stones in the river.  For some, it may have been too far and for the homeschoolers, I have no idea why they wouldn’t enjoy this natural adventure.  I want to be irritated or feel like I failed, but that is old thinking.  I detach and I don’t take it personally.  Why should I?  These people don’t know us.  They just aren’t into being that active.  They are not our tribe.  So I move on.

I turn to the other homeschooling group called Homegrown.  They are a bit of a drive but I see that their calendar is packed with good stuff and when I suggest a Christmas activity the mother, grandmother and co-organizer jump in to help and support me in planning and getting it on the calendar.  What a difference from the local homeschooling group that has 12 organizers but only a couple activities on the calendar and it seems to have barely a pulse.  This Homegrown group is filled with farm and forest activities…our tribe.  The other groups were cleared out of the way so I would turn to the group that will really serve us and probably bring us into the fold of like-minded souls.

Then there is Grannie leaving.  She came at a perfect time and left at a perfect time.  She and I built a mini backyard farm together and I taught her about food and how it’s used as medicine.  We opened up her horizones and she gave me the support to get the chickens and plant a winter garden.  I made her smoothies daily and we showed her another way to live.  We treated her with all the respect an elder should be shown and her family saw this.  They cried and said they missed her.  She returned and now they are taking proper care of her as a family should of their mother.  They learned from observing how we took such good care of her and we were not even her family.  They missed her and were a bit shamed by the previous treatment.

We took her out the other day to explore a local Asian store and have some lunch.  She says the family is taking good care of her now and showing the proper respect.  She looked good and is continuing to take care of her health.  We were an example and she brought her gifts as well.  But now I’m very happy to have my home back and my guest room/playroom returned.  When you only have two bedrooms each inch of space is a precious commodity.

Last of all are my books.  I published a book and it seemed to be a flop so I dissected it and created 3 other books from it.  I designed my own covers and had fun playing creatively.  I now have 4 books!  The first couple reviews were terrible.  What a bummer since I usually start out with great reviews and 5 stars.  Later the criticisers find me and put in their two cents.  However, this morning I have looked over my crop of books to see how they are growing.  I have received several 5 stars and really heartfelt and lovely reviews.  If the first book had taken off right away I would not have been challenged to create the other books or have the fun of designing the covers.  I have tripled my plantings.

When we detach and stop taking things personally.  When we stop the barrage of self-criticism and feeling like a failure when situations don’t work out…well, magic happens.  We must sit back and just observe and decide that Spirit (God) is co-creating with us to get to the good dreams.  Paths are being cleared on the road to destiny.  When those people don’t seem interested in us it’s because they aren’t our tribe.  They are removed so we can quickly be found by our people that will greet us with enthusiasm and open hearts and arms.  When that job or book falls through it just means that better things are to come.  When people leave it just means that it was time.  We have learned all that we were to learn with them and the journey is over.  More will come.

I’m learning that things that look like a disaster turn out to be strangely overgrown and hidden miracles.  You just have to sit back and let things go, let people and situations move on and be assured that what is perfectly made for you will be showing up soon.


13 thoughts on “The Zen like home. And the flow of life.

  1. I am always reminding myself of this concept, that when things go ‘bad’, many times it is so good can come of it. Genesis 50:20 puts it this way, “20 As for you, you meant evil against me, but God meant it for good, to bring it about that many people should be kept alive, as they are today.”

    I have had some pretty horrific things happen in the past, yet when I looked back, I saw that the life I had thought I wanted would have been a nice life, but it wouldn’t have been the amazing one that came out of the ashes of the bad things that happened. Since we moved here to Bowie, I had been confused as to why, with all of our church family in a town about 40 miles away, did God put us here? After almost two years I have learned that if I had been closer, I would have had a great time ‘hanging’ with my friends, but I wouldn’t have spent as much time making a home here in a house that is wonderful, I wouldn’t have spent as much time online and found your books and blog, so I probably wouldn’t have you as a friend and mentor in my life.

    Singer Ray Wylie Hubbard puts it this way…””And the days that I keep my gratitude higher than my expectations…Well, I have really good days”

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    1. This is very Christ like thinking that is also metaphysical…which I’ve been back to studying. Everything is for our higher good and we co create with God our realities. We manifest it all so you must have wanted this life all along. I agree with the isolation part. I left a big community and lived in a pear orchard as you know. It was such a time of education and prepared me for all the writing and blogging, vlogging…


      1. I love yoga, prefer live classes with an instructor, but the DVDs are good too. The main thing I have always done is STRETCH. I am always lifting legs, extending arms, bending, reaching, etc. A chiropractor once told me that most women my age (I was only in my 40s then) could barely have sex anymore, because they were not flexible enough. Oh honey, I am about to turn 61 in a few weeks, and I will make DARN SURE that I am flexible enough for sex! I have a husband 15 years younger than me, and I ain’t DONE with him yet!


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