How this new vegan life is improving everything.


Ok, this is a terrible photo and I didn’t know if it was blurry or my glasses needed cleaning but I really just wanted to show off my second serving of lentil loaf and garlic mashed potatoes that I learned how to make on High Carb Hannah’s channel.  I’ll attach at the bottom.

OMG!  It is so darn good!  I always crave meatloaf when I try the vegan life.  Why?  I never crave it when eating meat but I go vegan and all the sudden I really miss meatloaf?  Well, I really went all out with this dish.  Meaning I watched the video in full, took notes, make a grocery list, went through my cupboards, shopped for the missing herbs and veggies at my beloved Coop and cooked it up along with the mashed potatoes she made.

I’ve had two plates and I love it.  Do you know how wonderful it is to gorge on a dish that is so loaded with nutrition, plant life, fiber, vitamins, and all goodness?  To feed you kids a dinner that will ensure their fantastic health?  Meatloaf and mashed potatoes are usually a fattening and unhealthy dish, but this one is so good for you and the more you eat the happier your heart and body is.

I’m sort of shocked that I like this so much.  I have been transitioning for months now and the last few days I went into it hardcore.  I have been watching vlogs from vegans, documentaries found on YouTube (too cheap for Netflix right now), trying all sorts of recipes, and really having a great time.  My cooking is amazing lately.  My cooking juju is in full bloom.  And I’m making every single thing at home from scratch and from real food.  Food without labels.  I heard that on a documentary this morning.  Brilliant! As the Brittish would say.

I use rice, beans, lentils, quinoa, fruit, veggies, herbs and spices, nuts, potatoes (I suppose that is a veggie, you never know), flour, wheat, and my coffee and making these dishes to die for…or live for.

We have tried vegan many times.  4 or 5 to be exact.  This time I decided it had to happen and we couldn’t go back.  We are older, fat, and have young children.  We don’t have the luxury of getting ill, crippled, aged.  I had the chance to observe someone recently that was a walking lifetime of the American diet, no exercise, and poor thinking.  I don’t want that for any of us.  I see us thin, thriving, living abundantly.

I cleaned out my pantry and cupboards the other day.  The last of the junk, white sugar, milk and meat products, cream of cheese, that sort of stuff was all packed up and sent over to my neighbor that loves to bake and make casserols.  I then ordered a ton of bulk rice, beans, wheat, flour from the coop.  The commitment to be vegan and totally organic is set hard now.

I’m feeling the benefits already even though we have slowly been going into this new life.  I’m losing weight, my energy is amazing.  I woke up this morning at 4:00 ish AM and watched a couple documentaries on juicing and the junk food vegan vs. the healthy vegan.  I then watched High Carb Hannah and prepared for my shopping trip to Grass Valley.  There was cooking, washing dishes, washing the bedding (small child pee accident last night), uploading a video, sweeping, dressing everyone, making list, and then the drive.

It is now 6:23 PM and the bed is made, children bathed and in pj’s, dishes washed, kitchen clean, an amazing dinner made from scratch, everyone fed, another video uploaded, coffee made for tomorrow, writing this blog…I’m not tired.  I never feel tired anymore.

My skin is clear, my eyes bright, my body shrinking, I’m looking a bit younger and healthier.  I’m getting chores done all day.  I even started another book.  Yeehaw!

Vegan is very fun for me these days for a few reasons.  The health benefits are increasing daily.  Every day I awake to a new me being cleansed, healed, rejuvenated, being rebuilt.  My mind is clearing.  Then there is this peace I feel in my heart when every meal I feed my kids is so life building and giving.  I know that I’m making them stronger and healthier with each meal and snack.  They barely got sick this winter thus far and when they do it is a day instead of a week or two.  I keep losing my voice but I think I got one cold in the last few years.  I was due for an immune building cold.

I’m cooking more than ever and the food is more creative, more delicious, fresher than I have ever cooked. I’m inspired and having fun in the kitchen and I brace myself like I had to before a chopped up a chicken and then have to bleach things down.  I never worry about food poisoning.

We are showing our support to the organic, local farmers, kindness and compassion for farm animals that are being exploited in cruel ways, we are treading lightly on this earth and doing our part to heal the planet, stop the pain and suffering, to ensure that everyone and their children and grandchildren onward have clean water, air, and earth and that the future of farming will be done with love for the earth and the animals.  This will create peace in many hearts.

Check out this vlog on lentil loaf and creamy potatoes.  I did use vegan butter in my potatoes and salt in both dishes.  We love our salt.

7 thoughts on “How this new vegan life is improving everything.

    1. We are more plant based than vegan because we eat eggs and I would have to suggest a few documentaries to answer that large question.:) Food Matters, Forks over Knives, FedUp, and What the Health, along with many others.


  1. Sounds like you are doing well in your vegan journey–and the lentil loaf looks good! I won’t be going vegan anytime soon, however we are doing some ‘decluttering’ of our diet, and that has always worked best for us. We have access to organic eggs from folks at church, and one of our elders raises grass fed beef, plus a local raw milk dairy has all kinds of goodies along with the ‘moo juice’. I have plans for a garden this year, and we have three local farmers markets near us. I am cooking from scratch even more than before, and I cooked a LOT from scratch. We talked about trying to only eat foods grown, raised, produced or brewed within a 50 mile area around us, like Barbara Kingsolver’s family in her book Animal, Vegetable, Miracle, but decided instead to include the entire state of Texas, since so many of our basics aren’t in the 50 mile area, and we love everything about our state’ food and drink. Happy New Year!


  2. I’ve been vegan for 10 years (started with all the fake food), gradually learned how to be healthy and finally did the 10 day McDougall program last year. It was great! Dr McDougall is very generous and posts the entire program on his website for free. Congratulations on your transition. You are doing amazing!

    I hear you on the “vegan” label. One can eat Oreos and Pepsi and be vegan. Whole Food Plant Based is the true description of what a healthy vegan eats.

    Love your YouTube posts too, Dirt poor and Lovin’ it is a great name.

    Happy New Year!

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    1. I’m so glad for the feed back. I felt the name was fun and a playfull way for me to show others how to live on the basics. We started out junky too but now I’m making things like lentil loaf and all “earth grown” foods. I just have to slow down on the oil to lose the weight. Drat! I’m glad you’ve joined me!


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