Living on one income or a fixed income.


Can you or a family live on one small income and feel like you live well?  Can you enjoy life, coffee, nice things, organic foods, and fun?  Oh yes, you can!  I am speaking from experience and I’m going to share a stack of tips and advice toward this lifestyle.  This is one of many shows to come but it covers a lot.  There is always my book Dirt Poor and Lovin’ It! to get you started.  The other book I would suggest is The Homemade Housewife that goes into great detail with everything you will need to know about homemaking, homeschooling, saving, paying off debt, living frugally, along with recipes for house cleaners, laundry detergent, easy dishes, even a how to on composting.

Enjoy the videos.

32 thoughts on “Living on one income or a fixed income.

      1. If you wanna see more videos, go to my old channel, Bible Babe. I was a wild woman, I would pontificate on all kinds of subjects, did all kinds of DIYs (more like How I Dos than Do It Yourself), and one particularly insane period I did 100 videos in 100 days. Just be kind–it was my learning stage, and I was awful.

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      1. Yes I got back in my domain is through godaddy with wordpress hosting I have it until March then I think I’ll upgrade through WordPress. I have been cleaning all day. I got depressed and have neglected housework! lol but at times I’ll write a blog and then I don’t see it it’s blank and then someone will follow me or comment on it. Right now I’m on wordpress I don’t get it I paid 84,00 for a year and I don’t know much about prices with WordPress. Thanks for asking Kate. I’m off to work on it some more after I film a video lol my channel will be Let’s see how this goes. I had one for along time in another account but it’s jsut to old. You seem to be doing well love your videos and I cant get the editing down oh boy try some editing software you havent seen anything it’s a pan and takes forever. I’m filming and uploading before they were charging me 39.99 a month for youtube red and you really get nothing with it except no advertisemnts. If you dont know how to edit yoursel I’m screwed. I’m sure mine wont look to good. lol Have a great day I have been messing with my website for days I tried a free one a couple times but deleted them there so limited.

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      2. I made a video Kate it’s taking forever to upload and I’m doing it from my laptop amd used an HD webcam. I’m sorry it’s under Vicky Garland I am subscribed to you but the Internet is crazy I can’t seem to delete them. WHat do you upload yours with? Before I had to have Utube Red to be able to do much and it’s costly to be so limited. Thanks it’ll be on there now of to blog!

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      3. The Homemade Housewife and I love them all. I believe I got it straightened out. It seems when I blog a post I won’t se it then omeone will cooment or I’ll get follows. I’m not tech savvy for sure! I tslked abbout you in my U-tube video to and said hello to you! lol HAve a blessed day dear!

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    1. We only have 4 and we do well but the groceries are where I’m having issues right now because I want to do organics. I have a YouTube channel with some fun advice and if you look farther back you will find more good stuff. I got all my ideas from many, many other wise and clever women and men.

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