Decorating the home from thrift stores and hand me downs.


I am a lover of thrift stores and free hand me downs.  I am shameless when I see something sparkle on the sidewalk with a free sign attached.  My home as amazingly charming and cozy with all the pieces I have dragged home and accepted as others trash.

My husband has reprimanded me many a time with all the “trash” I bring home, however, once I have it scrubbed and set up he follows behind me fluffing pillows and straightening out table clothes.  He is very proud of our home and loves bringing people here even if they have far more money and homes three times our size decked out in the finest furnishings.

My home will continue to evolve and become more enchanted as I find those prize pieces.  I have recently redone my living room with some new furniture.  I just keep replacing pieces as I find those jewels at the thrift store or someone blesses me.

Here is a tour of my home and how I have decorated with almost all free hand me downs and thrift finds.  The few pieces of furniture we purchased new when first married, I regret to this day.  What I find at nice thrift stores outdoes most of the new things out there.

20 thoughts on “Decorating the home from thrift stores and hand me downs.

  1. I recently wanted to do a video of the freebies in my home I have either picked up curbside, have been given to us outright, or have come through my helping folks declutter. After about 30 minutes, I realized it would take less time to point out the stuff I have actually purchased! The really neat thing is that I can look at something and recall the memory of where it came from, and the friends that I got it from. Even things I have purchased from garage sales and thrift stores have good memories of fun times with my family, looking for the perfect piece for my home, a day spent at the flea market, meeting folks and marveling over antiques and crafts, enjoying a rare snack treat of pastry from the Mennonite booth, and haggling (a very valuable skill I learned while living in Korea) as a sport.


      1. I used to know a woman like that. She could drive down the price of what she was selling quickly when we did flea markets together. That was bad enough, but when she began to mess up MY sales, I told her to please be quiet when I was haggling with a customer. She never understood why she never made much money.

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  2. I love your home and all its cute decor. I have a LOT of thrifted items in my home too, as far as decor goes. It’s amazing how people throw out perfectly good stuff. I really like your corner kitchen sink with its windows. Washing dishes would be a pleasure there. About your bedroom suit… I think we have the exact set. Is it made by Ashley? Mine is still holding up , but some of the hardware that keeps the dresser drawers in place has broken, causing some of the drawers not to be straight. I also noticed a set of corner windows in one of your rooms that I really love too. It looks like you have pretty good natural lighting in your home. I truly enjoyed this video and look forward to more. (the boys are mighty cute too)


    1. It is Ashley and I’m not impressed with them. I will buy used furniture from now on. We had the bed but it really broke. It was supposed to be extra sturdy. We get great lighting! I love my kitchen sink area and that is a good thing since I’m washing quite a bit. 🙂


  3. Good morning Kate, I just watched your newest YouTube video and I’m right there with you. We have a good income but we’ve been spending too freely the last couple years. I want to spend less and save lots more in 2018. We’ve gone back to cash envelopes for local spending and they are amazing.
    I need to lose 50 pounds(or more) I was doing low carb and lost some but I don’t really like most meats. Maybe I’ll go plant based and just add a cooked meat for husband. He will go low meat and occasionally no meat but I can’t imagine him vegetarian for the long haul.
    Here’s to success to both you and me! And anyone else wanting to make these 2 goals too

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    1. You could just bake the husband a whole chicken weekly and then use that to make all that good food you make. Lots of vlogs on YouTube on the plant based diet with great recipes. If you check out my channels (I think) It list all the people I subscribe to and you may find ones you really like. I just posted the new budget this morning. I’ll keep posting about both topics. Good luck to us!!!


  4. Kate i hope you can help mw with this who is your domain and web site through mine is through godaddy with wordpress hosting and i cant even dind my site to get into it and write and post. I’ve made another free one i dont know what to do here unless i just delete the domain amd start fresh with a free one and upgrade later their techs act like they dont even know what there doing


      1. Dont feel all alone I’m lost i write post and then there not even on mt blog im thinking of just going with the freebie until and if i decide what upgrade much more familiar with wordpress i was supposed the have word press hosting thats all i know! Dummy me here


  5. Heading to church in about an hour, will be picking up free stuff from a lady who is decluttering at her house, plus will be going by another woman’s house to pick up real wood furniture she no longer wants. I will sort through for anything I can actually use, then the rest will go to the local consignment and thrift stores to make me a little extra money. When we get to church, the Redneck just hands me the truck keys, because he knows that someone is always bringing me something I will have to put in the truck!


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