Vegan Stories.

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As I go deeper into this new lifestyle I feel more compassion each day to the life around us.  I am heartbroken for the animals still out there suffering, for Mother Earth that we are destroying…and for what?  A cheap burger?  A shopping spree that lasts an hour and doesn’t fill us up?  Money and power?  That won’t fill us up either.

What will fill us up, make our hearts swell with satisfaction, bring us into the fold of a loving and supportive community is doing good things on this Earth at this time.

I have so many documentaries I’ve been finding on YouTube but I’ll just keep it to this one.  It’s touching for sure.

4 thoughts on “Vegan Stories.

    1. I hear you. This one doesn’t…I don’t think. It’s just stories of vegans and their mission. It’s sweet. I have to fast forward over the bad parts in documentaries as well. But think about that, we can’t bare to watch what’s happening…but we can eat the meat once it’s all packaged up neatly. Whether we watch or not, that abuse and cruelty is still happening.


      1. And you don’t have to. I can’t. And it took forever for me to get to a place were I could go plant based. The first time I was vegan was 32 years ago so that is a long time to finally say, “enough, I can’t support this.” If I were to still eat meat and dairy I would find a local farm that I knew was compassionate and raising animals the old fashioned way. I’m not saying every one should or can go vegan but maybe know were the food is coming from and that it is being raised kindly. Such as our hens, those girls are living the life. I don’t mind taking their eggs.:)


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