Creating a fresh, new look to the home with out spending a dime.


Tired of how the house looks?  Bored with the furnishings?  No money?

Here are some fun and free ideas.

  • Swap rooms.  Think outside the box.  Put the dining room in the living room and the sitting room in the dining room.  Make a large walk-in closet into a toddler room.  Switch bedrooms.
  • Rearrange all the furniture in the whole house.
  • Put curtains up to replace doors for more room.  Or replace those ugly sliders on the closets with lovely, long curtains.
  • Dig through your drawers and cupboards to find stored candles and China and curtains.  Use them, don’t save them for a special occasion.  Every day is special.
  • Move the rugs around if you have throw rugs and area rugs.  Put the living room rug in the kitchen and the kitchen in the bathroom.  Something like that.

It’s your house, even rented, it’s yours and get funky.  Try things you thought wouldn’t work.  Watch ideas on Youtube.

Here is my weekend of switching out the bedrooms and what a difference it made.  I’m feeling like getting really creative now.  If you have been following my blog you will see that I once had my whole office in the laundry room and it was very cute.  It is now in the dining room.  You can see all this in the video.



20 thoughts on “Creating a fresh, new look to the home with out spending a dime.

  1. You just announced the next book you should write–Feng Shui, Kate’s Way! I really like the new bedroom for you, very bright and sunny. And in the brief glimpse of Bali–he looks like he’s lost a little weight.


  2. Great new arrangement! My mother would’ve loved your bedroom – she was a great believer in cross ventilation in bedrooms. When our first daughter was born we lived in a small one-bedroom apartment with a 7×8 walk-in closet. I turned it into the cutest little nursery. (My mother admired it, but was concerned because – of course – there was no cross ventilation!)

    I love all your posts about your adorable home and garden and I believe I have all your homemaking books. Homemaking and gardening – to me, there’s nothing better.



    1. They sleep with us and have since the day I brought them home from the hospital. My husband sleeps in the other room on nights he works. Don’t feel sorry for him, it’s his choice and I’ve asked if we should kick the boys out but it’s cultural. He’s Indian and in all countries but the US having the children in the family bed is the norm. And for those who wonder…the guest room is the honeymoon suite. TMI I’m sure but I’d rather answer all the questions now so no one gets freaked out.


      1. Great attitude honey. I’m 45 and thought I’d always have to sleep with my husband, but I’m finding one of us in the living room most nights do the breathing issues. The bedroom is now the honeymoon suite. Thanks for sharing so personally how you’re making a dollhouse work for your family.


  3. Never commented before but loved this post so much! My mother (I’m 68) told me about switching her kitchen to a bedroom back in the 1940s. Back in the day, many bedrooms had a little sink, and she hooked the gas stove to the jet that was for a gas heater. But best of all, my grandmother lived on a farm and her best friend lived across the road. One day while my grandpa and the neighbor’s husband were out plowing, the ladies decided to switch houses- yep! They traded houses and moved their stuff and greeted their husbands by telling them they each now lived on the other side of the road. I have always loved that crazy story, and what a lesson in doing what the spirit tells you. Love your blog, and all your books.


    1. I love that story!! I love rearranging and then I get bored and want a new cottage to decorate. I’m already wanting to find another house just because I need a new canvas. 🙂 Thanks for sharing that story. Did they stay in the new homes? What did the husbands say?


      1. Yes, they stayed for several years. Both houses and farms were rented so they eventually moved on. My grandpa and the neighbor man just laughed and accepted it. Of course they still farmed their same land and crops as before! Only the houses were traded.
        And you mentioned the kitchen- I asked my mom the same question. I guess back then a lot of the kitchen cabinets were freestanding moveable units, and also people used buffet cabinets and shelves. I do remember growing up we often had chest of drawers in some of our kitchens for storing linens and pots and pans. This was down south, and in various rentals. My mom had to be pretty flexible since we moved a lot, but she always fixed up wherever we lived and kept a neat and tidy house even though we were very poor. She would have loved your blog as much as I do!

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    2. I am still pondering the kitchen. I was just in mine making a snack for the boys and I was trying to work it out in my mind. Maybe there were less cabinets and counters back then? These women were pros!


      1. Cute post! Love your new bedroom setup with that aqua on the walls, white shades and bright sunlight coming in. I could live in that space! But mostly I’m posting because Noah and Argin are SO MUCH A LIKE! No wonder those two Taurus’s locked horns when they were little. I get the same high-pitched, “You can’t do that to me!” response when I mention moving or cleaning up any form of creation. Oh, that was so funny to see. Again, love the bedroom and that color on the walls.

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  4. The new bedroom areas are great. I told you before , but I love the corner windows! The dinosaur fort is awesome, too! The story above in the comments about the ladies changing houses is too funny… I could imagine my sis in law doing that with someone.


  5. What a great idea to change out rooms. Our place is small and I have been walking around wandering what to move where but never considered rooms before. Thanks for the inspiration! Oh… and I haven’t been around lately but I see you have a youtube channel, how great & I loved the video!


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