How to do a no spend year.


How does a family go a whole year without spending extra money on extra stuff?  I have no idea but I’m about to find out.

Sure, I’ve got some skills.  I did write Queen of Penny Pinching, didn’t I?  And Dirt Poor and Lovin’ It!  I read and own The Complete Tightwad Gazette after all.  We have been poor, on minimum wage, and out of work through our family life.  I grew up poor.  I’m ready for this…or am I?

I know there will be frustrating times but think of all the benefits!  The personal growth, the family time, the skills learned, the creative resources found!  Think of all I could manifest!

We are two weeks into it and the productivity level is astounding.  I’m having fun and learning how to cook new dishes, Bali is working like crazy in the garden, and the boys are learning kitchen skills.  I’ve already manifested a new dining room set and got rid of a huge, old couch and other old furniture.  I’m thinking this will give great yields in the year if we keep this up.



4 thoughts on “How to do a no spend year.

  1. Have you heard of JellyTelly? It’s like Netflix for children, but all Christian based shows. I’m not sure how much it it monthly, but i know it’s around $10.00. I talked to my husband after watching your video, we may do a no spend month to start out!


  2. Thanks for the video, Kate. Yes you have inspired me – I love how satisfied you are with what you already have, I am also happy with all we already have and know we won’t spend much in ‘wants’ this year.


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