Manifesting anything you want.


The Law of Attraction is a big thing and still misunderstood to this day.  Even with all the books and movies out there, many people aren’t living the way they truly want.  Why?

I’m still studying metaphysics deeply and have been for years.  I can tell you this, you don’t always get what you “think” you want and it doesn’t come like you think it will and definitely it does not come when you would like.

Little things are easy to manifest because you don’t have a lot of expectation around say manifesting a free lunch.  When it comes to the big stuff we fear and doubt it right out of the Universal workshop and our future.

We often think we want what is not truly in alignment.  Or we change our minds halfway through.  We also get impatient.  We give up and cancel the order without knowing it.  We mature and change our direction.

The Secret was a fun movie to get the concept and get excited but manifesting takes more knowledge and work than the movie let on to.

I have found that a few things really make life blossom with actualized possibilities.  First is gratitude.  Huge and constant and heartfelt gratitude all the time, all day and all night, tirelessly.  I can’t emphasize this enough.  And finding your happiness…all day and every day.  Be happy, make that your main goal.  All else follows.

Other parts of the works are service, giving, loving, being quiet in the mind as much as possible. Taking care of yourself physically, mentally, emotionally.

And learning the biggest lesson.  True happiness comes from the food of a spiritual practice and deep and meaningful relationships…not a BMW, not the 6 bedroom house, not a perfect mate (because there is no such perfect mate).

But stuff is fun and we definitely thrive when there is a bit more money or a cottage that is ours and who doesn’t love gifts and blessings?

Life is filled with magic and miracles.  You just have to tune in, plug in, turn on…

5 thoughts on “Manifesting anything you want.

      1. I recall when I used to buy stuff all the time, not realizing that I was doing it to try and make myself happy. Nowadays I try to avoid buying stuff, because I am much more content with my life. We went to the Ft Worth Stock Show yesterday, and for the first time in a long time, I had enough money to buy a lot of the things I saw, but I just kept thinking about how I could save that money for something better. I will be taking the Redneck out to dinner for his birthday in a couple of weeks, but that’s a special occasion, so I don’t mind.

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  1. I am really enjoying reading your blogs & books! I have a couple on my Kindle at the moment. Also appreciate the links you share. You are very motivating. Thanks for sharing your life & lessons. God Bless


    1. Ah, that’s so good, I love sharing motivation and links. My stuff isn’t original but I go out and find all the good stuff and share it all in one place to save others to the work. Thank you for the wonderful compliment. 🙂


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