The best homemade laundry detergent ever! A no spend year update and money saving tips.

We are now a few weeks into the no spend year and plant-based eating lifestyle and doing very well.  I’m having some moods and a half but that is to be expected when one makes big shifts in the body, life, and mind.  I’m curing myself with a huge break in my writing career except for the occasional blog and vlog.  I even took down my desk in the living room as an act of commitment to simplifying life again.  I’m currently attempting The Course in Miracles after finding Gabrielle Bernstein on YouTube and then being led down the rabbit hole of spiritual exploration on deeper levels and in different ways from my normal “positive mind, positive life” philosophy.  It came at a great time with the mood swings and occasional yelling that surprised even me.  I thought I might be going crazy form lack of oil in my diet but it turns out I’m just experiencing an intense awakening and spiritual transition.  That’s a relief.

So, I take down my writing desk and I create a sitting area with my Course in Miracles and my espresso in the morning and begin another life journey into the cosmic unknown.  All free I might add.  I have had that book forever and I have a huge supply of espresso always.


I have been spending a considerable time on YouTube and learning about planting potatoes, contacting my spirit guides, and making the best and cheapest laundry detergent ever!

I have a lot to share.  I will put links so you can find all this great stuff.

Today I made this fantastic, bestest ever laundry detergent that makes like 10 to 12 gallons when you are done and cost less than a dollar each jug.  Then I learned how to make a homemade dish soap that cost around .10 cents a bottle.  I have tried the dish soap already and love it but the laundry soap has to sit overnight and I don’t have laundry to do yet so I can’t testify to its greatness personally, however, I read the reviews of her following and they praise her laundry elixir and have used it for years.  She works in construction and it gets her whites white!  I can’t even imagine my whites white.  She then taught me the dish soap.  Love this woman.

I then made a mock tuna from a YouTube chef.  It was good but I will say that I had to add lemon juice, more salt, and far more nori flakes.  That is my advice.  I have some mock crab cakes I will be trying tomorrow.  Then I have a new website that is called It Doesn’t Taste Like Chicken.  That one was a referral from a childhood friend who’s family has also gone vegan recently.

Here are all the links:

Janie’s best laundry detergent recipe!

Dish Soap

Mock Tuna

Mock Crab Cakes  This site is filled with easy and yummy recipes.


You will love these tutorials and save so much money.  I bought all the cleaning supplies and then I realized that I could make, not only the laundry soap and dish soap but all my house cleaning products as well and I had years worth of ingredients.  We are talking cleaning supplies, laundry soap, dish soap, and window cleaners homemade for pennies, literally.

So, I spend my days living in the kitchen.  My happy place.  I stir vats of soap and mix yummy vegan delights.

I went way over the grocery budget of $400.  I’m thinking I’ll have to reassess the grocery budget.  I also splurged on a food processor and a large candle.  Sigh.  However, I think the laundry soap and dish soap will cancel that out, right?  Actually, the food processor is a dream.  It shredded my huge bar of Zote in a minute.  Anyone that has made laundry detergent and had to grate a bar of soap by hand knows that tense feeling one gets when they have to make more laundry soap.  Then I made mock tuna with it.  There are many vegan and raw food recipes that require this kitchen tool and I’ve put it off for years.  It fell into the category of necessary.

The candle makes me happy and makes my happy place (aka kitchen) cozy.  Priceless.

Other than that we are doing well and I’m scoring all sorts of freebies.  A new (to us) dining room set, microwave (that works!), and an adorable Osterizer blender.  I’m learning all sorts of great dishes and have become incredibly productive.

On the weekends we work on the garden and in the kitchen.  This weekend we did take a drive in the country both Saturday and Sunday.  I had to just get out and see the countryside in all its lush greenness after some winter rain.  But for the most part, we don’t drive anywhere now to save on gas.  We have learned to really enjoy our time at home and get things done.

YouTube has become my free source of entertainment and vast amounts of self-education.  I had no idea how fabulous YouTube was.

So far this journey is an amazing growing experience and it’s bringing all sorts of other good things with it.  I’m getting more out of it then I expected and we are only a month into it.




14 thoughts on “The best homemade laundry detergent ever! A no spend year update and money saving tips.

  1. I TOLD you, a food processor is a frugal tool that will save you time, money and effort! When I make my ‘clean out da fridge’ eggrolls, it’s amazing what can shredded and added to them. I also ‘mulch’ salads, and my guys eat them up.


      1. Now you know that I wasn’t just hired for my looks, I’m actually pretty dang smart! Okay, my laptop is down, but I had to snitch the Redneck’s just to let you know that Obie and I made the vegan crab cakes for lunch. I used plain old mayo and mustard, and I looked up a substitute for the ume vinegar (red wine or apple cider vinegar). I also added Old Bay to the Panko crumbs for the breading to give them an extra kick, My son shoveled them down as fast as he could. They are wonderful, thanks for bringing them up. I’m not vegan, yet I do appreciate recipes that give me cheaper ideas for good food. While these don’t taste ‘crabby’, they are tasty, filling and cheap–the holy trinity of Thriftology cooking!

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  2. I have been taking a break myself. I’ve been doing alot spot if decluttering, closets, drawers, bedrooms, and my husband brought home 3 hens to add to our Roosters. There getting along great! I was feeling burnt out and were definitely going through a no spend ourselves!

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  3. I plan to spend more time on youtube, as I have realized how much good stuff is out there, too. We have lousy internet service and sometimes it’s difficult to get videos to play. Enjoy your break and don’t beat yourself up over a candle and a food processor!!! Both are good things!


    1. Too bad about the internet because that YouTube is fantastic. I watched a vlog on potato planting the other day and then some on Course in Miracles teachings, a recipe I tried…it goes on, I love that site. And I didn’t feel bad about the processor once I shredded soap in two minutes for the laundry deteregent. Candles go on the must have list.


  4. I just have to share my newest freebie use for YouTube. I have a 30 minute commute (1 hour/day total) so I almost paid for an audible subscription. Then I saw my brother “reading” a book as he listened to the audio on YouTube. I tried it this week in the car and I’m loving listening to something educational and uplifting on my drive.


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