Vegan thousand island and vegan alfredo sauce.


I had a hankerin’ for thousand island dressing for days.  Why is a mystery since I have only had a couple times in my life with the shrimp salad years and years ago.  However, I watched a vlog and I get so many ideas and cravings from these vlogs and it sets in motion a mission to find or create the dish.j

Hampton Creek has a Just Thousand but Target has pulled them and so has my Coop.  So, I created my own from two recipes.  Here are the links to both recipes:

Homemade Thousand Island Dressing

Ok, I can’t find the other recipe but I used the one above and omitted the vinegar and Tabasco sauce.  I added a little Worcestershire sauce, lemon juice, and paprika.  It was amazing.  We ate two huge heads of romaine lettuce with it yesterday.

I also tried an alfredo sauce and here is that link:

I found it a good start but a bit sweet.  I would suggest trying it then adding more lemon or pepper, maybe a spicy something.  I’ll be trying other alfredo and keep you posted.


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