Staying inspired to accomplish your New Years goals.



We are well into the New Year and by the time this post, many will have fallen off the New Years Resolution wagon.  I used to be one of those many.

But then I learned the art of setting and achieving goals.  I am learning the art of manifesting realistically.

The trick is to be rational and live in real time, real life.  Why do so many fail?  Because they set too many goals, too big of goals, and when they try to manifest they go for the castle and a bag of gold while living in a shack without two pennies to rub together.  You must start small, bite-sized, step by step.  Envision a nicer shack and an extra dollar to start and then a nice cottage and ten dollars once you accomplished the other part.  Go on from there to keep improving your life situation.

This year we are resolving to be completely McDougall style in our eating and zero spending for the year to accomplish great loses in weight and gains in saving money.  We have been frugal and thrifty for years so that is nothing new but zero spending for a year is new.  It is the advanced course in our school of frugal living.  We have been moving our diet toward plant-based for months but taking out the oil, the processed vegan foods, and sugar is the advanced course in the wholesome living school.

We have been at these two goals for years and now we are taking extra steps to be successful.

How do we prepare and how do we avoid burn out?

We prepare by educating ourselves.  Youtube is a great source for information and inspiration…and it’s free!!  Watch documentaries or vlogs on whatever you want to learn, do, succeed in.  Prepare yourself, others, your home, kitchen, work.  Get ready, plan to succeed.

Avoid burn out by surrounding yourself with people and places and things that support your transformation and goals.  Keep educating yourself and keeping finding sources of inspiration.  Find others that are doing what you are doing.

Go slow and ease into changes.  If you fall, enjoy the moment and then start over right after the moment of learning.  Don’t berate yourself.  The fails are so important for learning to strengthen your strategy.  We often improve vastly after a fall.

Love and support yourself through the processes and find your tribe.



6 thoughts on “Staying inspired to accomplish your New Years goals.

  1. I’m day 36 no alcohol. Not always fun but totally doable. I set a goal of 6 months to get it out of my routine. Since the research came out in November stating it is a Class 1 carcinogen (same class as cigarettes and bacon) it is easier to explain to people who are questioning me. I’ve been vegan for over 10 years and I’m getting more social pressure to drink than to eat the Standard North American Diet. Interesting times. 😉

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  2. I didn’t feel in good enough shape to make any resolutions this year, but now I’ve read The Homemade Housewife I have several small ones. You are so inspiring! As I’m vegan, I’m thrilled that you’ve gone plant-based. I have arthritis, and going vegan in 1999 gave me back the ability to walk. I’d been housebound before that. Good luck and thanks for your work. Xxx


    1. That is so inspiring to hear. It’s stories like yours that help people make the choice to go plant based. I love eating this way and hope to be like this for life. I’m gaining a lot of weight, however. I am very irritated by this but I am just tweaking some more items off the grocery list and praying for some divine intervention. 🙂


      1. I did at first! It’s like putting on weight as you give up smoking. As you ditch the expensive meat substitutes, you’ll soon lose weight. Beans and veg all the way!


      2. So, iit’s been a few days since getting rid of the gluten and the weight is coming off! That was the trick. I cut way back on sugar too. Wheh, now, dear Lord, don’t force me to give up anything else up.

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