How to become a writer and 16 tips for writing faster.

For all you wanna be bloggers and authors, I have some fun and inspiring advice to get you started.  If you are already a writer or/and blogger this will motivate you.

First, if you aren’t writing and you want to, my first bit of advice is to STOP making excuses.  “I’m not a good writer, I can’t spell, I don’t have a degree in English, I have children…”  Blah, blah, and blah.  Remember that Nike ad “Just Do It!”

Here is a little bit about how I became a writer in my 40’s with no experience, whilst raising babies and running a home by my lonesome (husband worked alllll the time).  I am doing very well with the books and blog.  I have had some decent success…enough to think I may just know what I’m doing…sort of.  And then give advice because that is what I love to do whether I know what the heck it is I’m doing.

And then I have some great tips I gleaned off YouTube.  I hope this inspires all of you new and veteran writers.



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