A major home cleaning and declutter.


17 thoughts on “A major home cleaning and declutter.

    1. I’m laughing hard right now (can’t bring myself to write LOL). Yes!! I am!! I can’t decide what the hell to call this blog. I don’t want to be dirt poor anymore! I would change the Youtube as well but I have to wait 3 months cause I changed it so often. I’ll leave it at this Life with Kate…I promise. It is the most flexible and all encompassing title I can find.


      1. We are different in this–when I finally decided to do a new blog, the hardest thing I had to do was give up Hauling Wood and Chopping Water, I loved it so much. Unfortunately, it just didn’t go with my new lifestyle out of the mountains. I banged my brain for a month trying to think of a new blog name, and suddenly Blessed In Bowie just jumped out and yelled “MEEEEEEE!!!!!! PICK MEEEEEEE!!!!!” I may change the little tag line “The Adventures of a Strolling Blogger”, since I now have access to the truck again, but we will see. I do like Life With Kate, it suits you well I think. Hey as long as you keep posting, you can call your blog “Tondalaya Lipschitz’s Traveling Monkey Manicures And Bubble Dancing”–we’ll keep reading!


  1. I hadn’t even noticed the name change….lol. I did some deep cleaning in my livingroom today and had everything torn apart too. Once it was all put together again, it was so nice to sit here and pretend my house is always this clean. ha!


    1. I sometimes do that when I get one room perfect–just sit there and enjoy it. Then I recall that I have to move on to the rest of the house…darn it. I’m about to tear apart my closet and purge my clothes again–I realized that I have been given so many beautiful things that I have nothing to wear! Back to putting together a few outfits, hanging them together and just grabbing one when I need it to go out or for church on Sunday–the rest of the time I just wear jeans and t shirts. Really, I once just wore the exact same outfit to church every Sunday for a couple of months–nobody noticed! It was so nice to not have to think about what to wear!


  2. I’m with you on having no clothes… I have a closet full, but nothing to wear. I’m still trying to figure out my style. Jeans are not that comfortable for me, but I love leggings and yoga pants, which do not look good on me, but feel wonderful!! ha!


  3. I had trouble with this to Kate and I decided on Life With Vicky and as I’m watching this video and about how you said everything is just cluttered! I work so hard for my life not to be like this. That’s why I havent haven’t been blogging much. I had a bedroom that was full of stuff and cleaned it am out and I’ll be! It’s getting the same way again. I did take a huge bookcase that was in my bedroom and move it into another bedroom. It’s helped but I’ve been trying to get stuff done around my house and I’ve taken a break from blogging. I sit read alot allot of them but I felt like I just needed a break and to unplug for a,while! I haven’t been keeping up with my U-tube either. My Logitech webcam has to plug into my laptop and its a pain at times. Cameras are expensive I’m trying to find one I hope but I’LL I’ll stop rambling and oh! I hooked up my Roku box and I can watch you on my TV while I’m doing whatever its Great! Just hit U-tube and it plays away! Keep up the great work lady! Loving you always!


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