Sorry for all the blog name changes!!


My blog and Youtube channel have been under…construction?  I wanted to change things up and move away from homemaking a bit…not all the way…but a bit to move into other areas of interest.  Therefore, I have been playing with new titles and looks.  I apologize and I have not lost my mind.  I may be going through a mini personality crisis as Evelyn so gently put but I will stop now with this new title Life With Kate.  It is all-encompassing and flexible.

Why change?  Well, This blog was titled Dirt Poor and Lovin’ It! but, after some reflection,  I realized I don’t want to be dirt poor and I wouldn’t love it!  It was catchy but this is not what I want to teach others.  Simplicity and sustainability, yes.  Poverty consciousness, no.  It bothered me on a metaphysical level.  I’m trying to teach others to be happy with what they have but to continue to grow and improve, not stay stuck in difficult financial situations.

My Youtube will have this Dirt Poor and Lovin’ It! title for the next 2 months as I have to wait to change it due to changing it too many times already.  Then it will also become Life With Kate.  Confused about what I’m offering?  Yes and no.

Recently a few things have happened.  First I began studying The Course in Miracles and that created all sorts of havoc.  The good kind of course.  Then my computer pooped out and I didn’t have any internet for 5 days.  That was life-changing.  On top of all that I felt like I had come to the end of the homemaking road.  I don’t know how much more I have to offer and not much of what I give is original.  I hunt and forage for ideas and advice and then share it.  I felt like going in new directions.

I would like to start sharing my experience in yet another life transformation and inspire others.  But then I realized that all of life is a part of that conversation.  I’ve talked homemade laundry soap and baking bread ad nauseam.  Time to start some new chat over coffee.

However, upon further discussion (in my mind) I realized that I love all parts of my life and I want to continue serving all of you on all levels.  For some, it would be finding ways to save money, or healthier eating, becoming or supporting a plant-based diet, gluten-free recipes, losing weight, planting and tending to kitchen gardens, raising chickens, running a home more efficiently, homeschooling.  Then there are the topics of being happy, spiritual work, Course in Miracles, the Bible, loving the simple life, being sober, life transformations, and personal overhauls.

Thus Life With Kate!!!

I’ll just cover it all and not corner myself into a small hole.





28 thoughts on “Sorry for all the blog name changes!!

  1. Sometimes when I’m listening to your YouTube cannel my husband says “who are you talking to?” I tell him, its my friend Kate from California 🙂 Life with Kate is a great name. I may think of it as Coffee with Kate. 😉


    1. Oooh, that one is a keeper. However, I best not change any more or what tiny bit of credibility I might have will be gone. That makes me laugh that your husband thinks your talking to someone. My husband pays more attention to my Youtube then me live in front of him. The other day he waived me off so he could watch my show. I don’t know whether to be flattered or irritated.


  2. You didn’t look nutty, kiddo–just looked like you were trying to find your voice. I’d say you finally did (although I love the Coffee With Kate suggestion If you changed to that, I think it would be a good final decision).


  3. The new title is great! I like Coffee with Kate too. I love your YouTube channel and can’t wait for more shows and different topics.
    I was interested in your experience of Christians having issues with your spirituality. I am a Christian- a minister in the Church of England- and it’s not a problem for me!

    Best Wishes,

    Jane x


    1. Jane! Oh, I would love having long talks with you then. I love Christianity…when done right. But the question is, what is right? I’m loving this Course in Miracles and if Christians would give it a glance they would find a lot of peace in it. I’ll share on that soon. I tried yesterday and the computer battery died and then the camera kept cutting me off. I believe God has ways of saying, “Please, lady, be quiet for a moment!”


  4. Coffee With Kate it is! It’s perfect for you, it encompasses your love for the ‘caffeine bean’, and it leaves room for discussions on any topic you will care to address. After all, when us gals get together, we drink our favorite beverages, and we talk about all kinds of things, from kids to religion, to that actress that none of us can understand why she was ever cast in anything, because she is such a nasty person. Now, sit back and enjoy the new name, give it time to ‘percolate’ to perfection.


  5. Woohoo! I’m so excited to see you embracing miracles and abundance rather than manifesting “dirt poor.” It’s possible to be abundant and sustainable and you’ll do your readers such a service to demonstrate that in your daily living. Ill be honest, I almost unsubscribed because the former title didn’t resonate with the energy I’m carrying. I love that you felt the same thing! Let’s use this new moon to set high intentions and welcome our miracles.


    1. This is such an affirmation! Thank you for your honesty and I so agree. This did not resonate with me as well but I can’t change my Youtube name for 2 months because I did so 3 times already. Drat. I hope you enjoy all that is to come in my vlogs and blogs and yes, I enjoy such abundance and miracles.


  6. Life with Kate and Coffee with Kate are both wonderful – warm and inclusive. I look forward to hearing about all aspects of your journey. Thanks for all your posts so far – as a new-ish fan, I’m loving looking back through all your old posts. It’s lovely of you to share all these fantastic ideas.


  7. I love the name and change it all you need to until you have your “title peace”. You’ll know and I just can’t see you losing followers! I’m listening to you right now. I’ve done my floors, etc. ECT. It’s been,great! #CoffeewithKate if there’s one thing I love its my coffee!

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  8. I feel ya about the blog name changes. It took me 3 years to start a blog…just because I couldn’t decide on a name! There is so much to talk about, and all conventional advice says to have your name fit a niche. But we are human beings…so much more than just one niche or hobby. No matter what its called, your site is fantastic and I can’t wait to read more. I just found it yesterday, and found the name and the cute banners at the top very warm and welcoming.


    1. Thank you for the compliments and feedback. I just changed my blog name to this Coffee with Kate as well but had to wait 3 months being that I had changed it so much they gave me a little time out.:) Titles are important with books, blogs, and so on.


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