How to start a Personal overhaul and make life changes. Books to help your new journey.



11 thoughts on “How to start a Personal overhaul and make life changes. Books to help your new journey.

      1. I mentioned the lemon slice to the Redneck just now. His response was, “THAT GIRL AIN’T RIGHT!” Gotta love an extremely honest and opinionated man! (Grin) BTW–we take probiotics, and they have improved our health. I take everything McDougal says with a big dose of salt.


      2. I will have to back you on Probiotics. I can’t see any harm in that…and as vegans (partial) we must have the B12 and D vit in the winter. But I get that food is the best way to go with getting the good stuff in. A lemon in coffee…yessss…I love my cream but that lemon would be far healthier. I love that Redneck!


    1. Wow, I can’t believe it! But what do we do about B12 or D? I give the boys all sorts of extra D and probiotics in the winter. How can probiotics be harmful? Now I need to do more research. Thank you for this. You are such a great resource and information finder.


  1. Kate, this is probably one of my favorites of all your posts! I love that you are going with the flow and have decided to share whatever the spirit moves you to share from now on–food, philosophy, faith, decluttering, whatever. That is exactly how my mind and life work and it’s so good to find a kindred spirit out there. I wish you lived next door, but the blog is good enough. On a practical note, I also use Bustelo coffee and I order it in big cans from Costco since they don’t carry it on their shelves, and it’s much cheaper than from the stores. Keep up the great work.


      1. We can only live about a quarter of a mile from folks, any closer and we clash. We are both very loud and verbal, and some people feel there’s ‘domestic difficulties’ when we get loud. Once, almost 19 years ago, we were both in the yard, me on one side of the house, him on the other. We started to discuss what we wanted for supper. Now, we are both on opposite sides of the house, remember, and we are both too busy to come around to the other’s side. So we there we are, yelling back and forth as to whether we want pork chops or chicken. We finally went back in the house. So about an hour later, I am making dinner, the Redneck is reading a book, Obie was watching TV. A knock came at the door. It was a sheriff’s deputy, a young man the Redneck had gone to high school with, and he knew us as a couple. He explained that a neighbor had called to report a possible domestic violence situation. We stared at him like his head was backwards. Finally we recalled our ‘discussion’ from earlier, and I remembered seeing ‘Mrs Bucketmouth’ across the road watching us. I told him to go back over to her house and tell her to mind her own business, and that he knew good and well there was no violence at our house. He said, “Yeah, I tried to explain to her that you guys are just really loud people, and that I have known you for a long time. In fact, I told her, “Ma am, if it ever gets QUIET over there, then call me, because that will mean that SHE has killed HIM.”

        And that’s why we live in the country!


      2. A few months ago a neighbor next to us came over for a visit. She said she would have come over earlier but she could hear we had guest over. There were no guests, just Bali, the boys, and myself talking our “normal” way.


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