Building a new wardrobe for less than $160.


8 thoughts on “Building a new wardrobe for less than $160.

  1. Wonderful food, wonderful clothes! I agree with you about having nice, comfortable but pretty underwear. Instant boost mentally as well as physically. Good haul!

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  2. I love thrift shopping for clothes! Have for decades. I find that besides the incredible cost savings, resale stores-be it Goodwill, Savers, St. Vincent de Paul, or local thrift stores- are wonderful sources for finding things you would never find in malls or big department stores. My best guess is that 80-90% of my clothes are secondhand. My delicious red leather boots came for an Animal Humane resale shop here in New Mexico, my handmade cotton-reversible-calf-length-Asian style tunic came from a little shop in Capitola, CA, my black winter cape came from a local resale boutique… I could go on and on.

    Shopping for clothes and accessories at thrift shops generally supports good causes. It’s also a very creative endeavor.

    And really,even if one has the money, do we really want to spend it on new clothes? So many more important things to do with our money.

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      1. Thank you for this post and bringing me back to common sense shopping. I foolishly bought a swimsuit from a catalog for Educational Travel to Mexico and winced when I opened the credit card bill! Only thrift and consignment shopping from now on!


      2. And I get some high end name brands when I take the time to browse and go to the wealthy area thrift stores. I can get a J. Crew sweater that originally cost $150 for $5. Just an example. I could care less about name brand, I just want comfortable and made well. Believe me, I would shop a bit high end if I could.


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