Losing lots of weight with Chef AJ. How to do a plant based diet.



This is very inspiring.  A bit long but who am I to talk.  Chef AJ had so many obstacles in her weight loss journey such as a slow thyroid, going through menopause, and a knee injury yet she became quite thin and is thriving today.  She has so much knowledge and her own shows to teach others how to eat and cook to slim down on a plant based diet.

17 thoughts on “Losing lots of weight with Chef AJ. How to do a plant based diet.

  1. I’m so impressed that you are following her. She really is an inspiration. I met her a few years ago. She is an impressive bundle of energy!


    1. You were the one to direct me back to her. I wasn’t crazy about her and then you suggested I watch her and so I gave it another whirl because I love your advice and now I get a lot out of her lessons. If she eats it I know it’s safe.


  2. Have to wait till later morning to watch the video but yes, a plant based diet has been the key for me for years. When I’m old I’m going to live on cake, loaves of bread and pizza 😉


  3. Chef AJ really likes potatoes and I’m much more interested in rice so I make rice with a steamer FULL of veggies on top. More veggies than rice by volume. When the rice is cooked I stir in the veggies and set it all aside. When I’m hungry I just heat up a bowl and usually the only flavour I need to add is hot sauce and I’m happy. If I’m not hungry enough to eat that I’m not really hungry, just bored. I ALWAYS keep oat bites made and in the freezer for a snack, to serve company with tea or as “purse food” because there is nothing healthy for me out in the world of restaurants. I’m older than you and my body has become far more efficient at conserving calories with age.
    My husband says ‘Keep your food calm so your life can be exciting’.

    I love your videos. It makes my day when you post a new one.


    1. I love this, it gave me a chuckle. 🙂 Yes, the efficiency of my calorie saving body. I need fun food, sadly. But I’m getting better and now that wheat and sugar are out, I’m not being stimulated constantly. I’m also trying to untie the feed bag early in the evening. I’m so happy to hear you enjoy the blogs. They are changing direction a bit but it’s all positive and motivating goodies.


      1. Of course the blogs are changing direction. If you had the same conversation over and over you would meet the definition of dementia! LOL. Life is a journey, we have to move to the next thing. 😉

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  4. Fascinating! Interesting that she talks about calorie density. One of the most popular eating programs here in England is Sliming World – as much fruit and veg as you like, as much rice, pasta, potatoes, spices, herbs, tomato purée and stock cubes as you like, a small amount of bread and plant milk, and a few treats. I tried it but unused bread sooo much! I need to get my weight sorted out though! Thanks for sharing this inspiring lady’s video.


    1. Oh, I forgot that you could have as many pulses and lentils as you want too. I ate a lot! I wish I could stick to these things.


      1. Pulses are the family of beans, chickpeas, peas, bread beans and so on. I use various kinds of pasta – I love rice noodles! After seeing the link you posted, I’ve now bought Chef AJ’s book Unprocessed to get some ideas.


      2. I wasn’t that into her until I watched that. It gave me a lot of hope. I am starting to lose the weight now that I’m doing things more her style but not as perfectly. I still do my vegan thousand island and creamer in my coffee. I just refuse to give those up. I’ll just work out an extra 20 minutes.


      3. Yes – I’d definitely need to keep a few condiments! And soymilk in my (decaf) coffee and tea. I don’t think that an eating plan that doesn’t include tea will ever catch on in England. 🙂


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