Completely new kitchen in 3 days and under $1200.


One day I stood in my kitchen with coffee mug in hand, and I looked about pondering the space and how I felt working in that room.  I have been spending many hours in this kitchen learning new plant-based recipes and healing foods to feed my family.  I love this kitchen and consider it my happy place.  I listen to the radio while washing dishes and go down memory lane when they play the Eighties Hits, I listen to Stuart Wilde or Tony Robbins lectures while dicing vegetables.  I live in this section of the cottage.

But I have no room.  A huge stainless steel frig takes up a big part of it, the kitchen gets dark early in the day, and I have taken to doing all my work in a tiny 2-foot section of counter near the sink.  Something must be done.

I love YouTube and I love those videos where people renovate shacks for real cheap.  Or tiny houses, those give me great ideas for creating and utilizing space.  I take all the images in and formulate my own ideas.   A vision came to me and after a dual in the royal courtyard with my spouse, I won and the prize was a trip to Home Depot.  My other happy place.

This took me one evening, a whole day, and then a couple hours the next two day.  It could have been done in two days if focused on.  The frig cost $429, the Island cost $606, the blue paint was in the garage, and we just needed rollers, paint brush, and a gallon of white.  All under $!200 total to completely redo my kitchen into a place that makes me smile with inner joy everytime I go in there to prepare a meal or brew some coffee.

Here is my complete transformation.



18 thoughts on “Completely new kitchen in 3 days and under $1200.

  1. It looks wonderful! the blue cabinets look so refreshing and yes, I would go with white on the top smaller doors. I have a huge fridge that has so little room inside, that I look forward to it breaking one day. lol It’ll prob last forever, just because I hate it so! I really like the look of your island; and I’m sure cooking is so much better with your new work space! Great job!


  2. Wow! That looks like a $6000 kitchen, not $1200! I love that blue – so calming and peaceful. The island is gorgeous – sophisticated and yet homelike too. Have you decided what colour to paint the last cupboards? I was wondering about a light brown to match the wood of the island. I hope that the kids got their boxes! Our cats love to sit in a cardboard box and look smug as well as snug.


    1. Oh yes, the boys had the boxes. This kitchen is so different now and I’m cooking up a storm. I like the idea of the brown. I will probably just do blue. I’m getting lazy and I have a lot of painting of doors and frames yet that we didn’t get to.


  3. I just thought – that new frig (we say fridge in the UK, as frig has a naughty meaning) will save you lots of electricity. That huge one must have used a fair bit.


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