Organizing your kitchen for maximum efficiency and ideas for plant based dishes.


8 thoughts on “Organizing your kitchen for maximum efficiency and ideas for plant based dishes.

  1. I’ve been a little absent lately in following my favorite bloggers…but I LOVE that you are vlogging!!! This is great!! I may just have to catch up on your blog with my afternoon coffee! Thank you friend!


    1. I really love vlogging and I feel like I’ve gone to the other side like a traitor but I love the visuals!:) So, thank you for letting me know you like the vlog so I may continue guilt free.:) Check out my kitchen redo, you’ll love it.

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  2. I use Mason Jars to store rice, beans, etc. and the big candles I buy I clean them out with boiling water, vinegar and Dawn after I set them in a boiling pan of water and melt the excess wax when their almost empty and they work great for storing things in and I’m able to re-use them so the total cost doesn’t go to waste. I want to purchase a case of the smaller ones to start freezing different food in to. I read and I actually got this idea from her. She does live videos cooking and with an Insta-Pot. I would love to have one of those they cook food in minutes so saving for one of these, A friend of mine has one and the photos she posts of her meals looks delicious! It cooks beans in like an hour! Have a blessed day Kate. It’s the first day of Spring and it’s raining and snow tonight pretty much supposedly. Hopefully our last snow!


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