5 ways to lose a lot of weight on a vegan diet.


11 thoughts on “5 ways to lose a lot of weight on a vegan diet.

      1. Factory farming documentaries? Vegan documentaries? There are some great ones on Netflix, I’ve listed before…Vegucated, Farmegaddon, Food, Inc., What The Health, and many more. Hard to watch though necessary for us to wake up. I think I have some documentaries on here. I’ve been posting those like crazy for Meatless Mondays but then decided not to torture anyone for a bit and started Motivational Mondays. 🙂

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  1. Hey Lady! I’ve been thinking about you as I have begun to embark on a new “clean up” and “nutrient-up” way of eating. I had just gotten into one of those places where you’re having “special treats” like three times a day instead of 3 times a month. It was muffin after another starbucks mocha, after a wee doughnut, etc. I finally felt AWFUL! I called my cousin and unloaded. She had felt the same way a month earlier. And her scale told her a very unhappy truth. So she too had started looking for something to do about it. Then this fad diet came her way and, of course, no one listens to those anymore. Only she was hearing about people’s success. And then about them keeping the weight off after. I didn’t buy any of it and didn’t listen much as I don’t do or believe in diets. Any time I try to lose weight I gain it. When I take my life back and focus on becoming healthy, that’s when the weight falls off without me even noticing. (I don’t own a scale for a reason). So at the end of the convo with my cousin I decided I would google this thing and see how it looked. The foods she had mentioned sounded really good and healthy and what I would eat in my good eating days, and really, exactly what I had been looking for. Not to mention there were crock pot recipes, which was another thing on my list. So I found the “shopping list” for this thing and read through it. I liked it. It was basically my shopping list. Only missing the dairy, and it had brown rice pasta instead of whole wheat pasta. So I looked at some of the recipes. Long story short I have been doing the recipe’s from this “diet” for 4 days now and I’m LOVING it! I’m not doing the “diet”. Not following the phases. Haven’t fully cut out the caffeine and sugar (though they are both down by 70% or so). And you can tell by the length of this post that I am quite excited about all the great recipes and healthy eating again. Yea! I have more energy, sleeping better, etc. all the stuff that comes with healthier eating. And I like what the author has to say about each food item. She incorporates each food as a means to heal your body, not just because it has a low calorie count. Food is medicine. And these recipes are geared to Heal Your Metabolism. So there you have it, it is the Fast Metabolism Diet. It isn’t geared toward vegan, but you can do it vegan. There’s no corn or soy. But if you are doing it vegan soy is allowed two days a week on the high protein days. That’s if you do the actual diet.
    But I’m writing all this because I think there are some awesome nutrient-rich recipes that you may be able to eat that are super healthy and follow all your current guide lines. Most of the meals are no-oil. The whole diet is no sugar, just stevia. And because it is geared at healing your body, there is no caffeine so that your adrenal glands can get a break! and stop being stressed. Because constant stress tells your body to hold onto weight because we are in a famine! (I learned that back in Holistic Massage school and she mentions it here too). And on the morning of the third day I woke up feeling, well, relaxed, calm for the first time in I don’t know how long. And I was craving my bowl of steel cut oats with loads of fresh berries and stevia. I could feel the positive effects of the high-carb, no (low) caffeine eating I had been doing.
    But because you have been eating so healthy and exercising with little weight loss success I also wanted to ask if you have had your hormones tested to make sure everything is OK.
    Since you do all your research on the internet you’ve probably heard about, researched and passed-up this “diet”. But if you haven’t looked at it thoroughly yet, I’d take a pass at the recipes if I were you and try a few out.
    Good seeing you and hearing about your positive spiritual endeavors.


    1. This sounds like a very positive “diet” and I’m sure someone here will take to it. I love what I’m doing but I was eating far too much salad dressing. It’s been a week and I’m shrinking. I will see in the next month or so and if nothing…I will go check out my hormones because this is ridiculous! However, like your book says, food heals and many women on the plant based diet heal their hormones, metabolism, and on and on. It just takes time. We will see. I’m feeling like I can’t fail on this one and it must be life time you know? Yes, diets made me fat. I was a fairly slim girl and the dieting gained me an average of 13 lbs a year. I’m now the heaviest I have ever, ever been. Thank God I’ve always exercised so I’m a firm large lady.:)


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