Making furniture and clothes look new with a couple dollars and paint.


Spring is coming!  And I have been painting and cleaning like crazy.  I am practicing a bit of recycling and renovating for a little paint and old dye I found in the pantry.

3 thoughts on “Making furniture and clothes look new with a couple dollars and paint.

  1. Love watching your busy day with the painting, cooking, and the boys. I had four boys who are all grown now, and remember painting and sewing and cooking and reading while chaos reigned! Fun to remember. I noticed you’re a little tired of potatoes maybe and since I’ve done the vegan diet before (just began again after years away from it) and I wonder if you’ve tried polenta. I love how easy it is to make, and it needs no fat at all. You just boil it a few minutes, pour it in a bowl or empty can to chill and firm up. Then you can slice it and dry fry it and top it with spaghetti sauce with mushrooms, etc . You can of course eat it while it’s hot too. I like to add herbs when making it to spice it up, and onion or garlic powder. I know you’re not eating wheat, so it might be something to try to give you some variety.


    1. It must be something I’m meant to try because I was eyeing a roll of it yesterday while shopping. I will try it and I’m always open to new foods.:) I am actually not sick of potatoes…or my lentil loaf, my husband is though.


      1. I bet you’ll like it! The ready-made rolls of polenta are very expensive, but the polenta meal that you boil for just minutes costs pennies per recipe and you get to add herbs, etc. Either way, it adds variety to the vegan meals. Enjoy. Think I’ll make some for my dinner tonight.

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