8 thoughts on “Big house cleaning day.

      1. I don’t feel guilty–I just declare “I AM LOSING MY GRIP AND I AM HAVING A MENTAL HEALTH DAY–SO GET OVER IT!” The Redneck just laughs. I even declare “I LOVE YOU TWO BUT IF AM NOT BY MYSELF FOR A WHILE I WILL RUN THROUGH THE AIRPORT NAKED SCREAMING ‘HERE CHICKIE, CHICKIE!” and I shove the guys out the door to go to church on Sunday morning. They get to have a ‘man day’ and Obie gets to eat more donuts than I allow, they hang with the other men at church, etc. I get to just read, take a long hot bath, or do something that I haven’t had time to do because I have been taking care of the guys. I once sent Obie to his father’s for a weekend and the Redneck up to the mountains to visit his grandparents, just so I could have time alone. I rented a bunch of bad movies, bought my favorite foods, slept in and just enjoyed myself, giving myself a mani-pedi, etc.

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