The Wrong Kind of Marriage.

The Wrong Kind of Marriage: A Romantic Novella by [Devereux, Katherine R.]

This fun little novella will be free starting tomorrow and the next five days.  This is a light-hearted and amusing tale of a heavy topic.  It is about marrying on a fantasy and being hit with reality.  Our heroine thought she lived the dream but ugly truths appear and uglier persons, including her husband.

9 thoughts on “The Wrong Kind of Marriage.

      1. I know you have been reading Stephen King lately. His first book, CARRIE was a giant best seller, and yet he had decided it wasn’t very good and tossed it into the trash. His wife pulled it back out and submitted it to someone–the rest is history. So never think a story isn’t good enough–give it a push. You write well, just don’t stop.


  1. You are an amazing writer! This book I read it in one go, almost without even blinking. I want to read all your books. Are you writing a new novel ? Kisses


    1. I have 3 other books under my pen name that you may enjoy. Ishmael, The Healing of Rose, and A Farmers Widow (not the best but my very first book, some really enjoyed and some really had some opinions). All under Katherine R. Devereux.


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