Transforming an ugly cement yard with garage sale goodies.

17 thoughts on “Transforming an ugly cement yard with garage sale goodies.

    1. It’s really not that hard or expensive. The previous yard has undergone many attempts but this was it. And I got the idea from the man I bought all the goodies from. We love being out there now. Before I couldn’t stand to look at it.


      1. It’s fabulous! I’m only renting my house right now, but I have a dream of building my own sunroom/greenhouse in connection to my house (when I own one, one day.) To me outdoor areas are more important than the actual house. I could definitely see myself living in a tiny house. I lived in an RV when my daughter was a baby, to be able to work less, and spend more time with her.


      2. I know, it’s tough! I’ve built so many gardens, and pastures, it is emotionally draining. ..and I am about to start a new garden this spring. THE LAST ONE!! (I believe I’ve said that a few times..) this is a really nice place though, with lots of room outdoors. A good last spot until we got more saved up for a downpayment for our own place.


      3. You will have it! I know, we used to do so much work thinking we would rent for years and then move the next season. My husband said no more expending energy and funds on another persons property. You will find all that energy and spirit when you own your own place. Have you thought about donations for land since you do this beautiful work of healing horses? I bet someone or many someones would help fund some ranch or farm?

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      4. I haven’t really thought about the donation part. There’s been so many scams these past few years, it kind of scared me from even trying to start a non-profit. Now I’m just doing it on a smaller scale. Thank you for sharing your positive ideas!


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