Living extravagantly on one income.


2 thoughts on “Living extravagantly on one income.

  1. Good morning Kate, you wanted some information regarding how I make my Sheppard pie. I purchase Yves vegan ground and add it to the bottom of my dish then I put some corn over the “meat” then top it off with some mashed potatoes. You can put it in the oven to heat the corn and the “meat” for about 20 minutes. (make sure to leave the lid on so the potatoes don’t get dry) Or you can use the microwave. I don’t tell my husband or son about the “meat” and they love this dish. Another meal I enjoy is I heat some corn bread in a skillet then I add some hummus, guacamole, red onions, baby spinach, and some tomatoes. This is quick and easy to do. I can send you some more dish ideas if you like. Please let me know. Hope you enjoy these two meal ideas. Have a wonderful and blessed day.


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