Planting that huge kitchen garden.



13 thoughts on “Planting that huge kitchen garden.

      1. I know..I’m tired of the rain too. The warm weather will be here sooner than we can blink 🙂 All the rain should make for a good start in the garden.


  1. I just want to share something with you about organic gardening that I learned the hard way. Long story short, I had 4 years of failed gardens in a row, mainly due to “flea beetles” or “Cucumber beetles” or a long list of other names that they go by. I got them from bags of mulch I bought at Lowes when putting my garden together 4 years ago. I had NO idea how bad it was. I thought they’d go away eventually over the winter. Wrong. So after trying all the cheaper, easier ways to get rid of them (googled the heck out of it for 3 years), this year, before anything was planted, we cleared all the leaves, weeds, furniture, toys, etc. from all the earth areas of our front, back and side yards and I sprayed Beneficial Nematodes. These guys are supposed to eat the beetle in the larva state and get them completely under control. I have high hopes for this garden for the first time in years.
    I’m sure you have researched all kinds of organic ways of keeping crops growing healthy and strong, but I just wanted to share this one with you. I wish I had done it sooner. They eat all kinds of critters too. So they should keep many of the potential problems at bay. Here’s to a Bumper crop of it all this year!


    1. That is some great information and I have heard of Beneficial Nematodes but forgotten. I never heard of the cucumber beetles. We have strange bugs here and I have no idea what I’m doing. I used a lot of potting and raised bed garden soil when we first moved here and I didn’t have a lot of luck. I think it was from Lowe’s. Darn. This year we planted mostly in the ground and used horse manure and made our own compost. I will look into the nematodes and also, dish soap in water sprayed on plants gets rid of aphids and compost tea gets rid of other issues. FYI. Good luck!


      1. LOL! Yes. I put them in this year before we put in any seeds! I have raised beds out there full of nematode dirt with nothing in them. I hope they have something to eat so they are around when I need them! (I’m sure they’ll be fine).
        We missed out on a fall garden (we usually do fava beans and they actually can withstand the bugs. Which makes me wonder if they are gmo seeds?) because I couldn’t get it together last fall to get the nematodes. But it is a BIG project. Fadi did about 75% of the clearing and big moving. It wasn’t something I could do on my own because once you put the nematodes in the water to spray you only have 24 hours to use them. So the whole front and back yard had to be ready at once. And you know the leaves on my street. They cover a yard in hours not days.
        Yes, I did dish soap spray for a few weeks each season as well, but it didn’t help much. This year I am getting lady bugs at the first sign of aphids. The kids will love them too. Last year we lost half the fava beans to black aphids. I had an infant in addition to life’s work and I just wasn’t up for keeping up with the details of a garden. This year we are ready! Noah planted a handful of fava beans very late in the season since I never got around to it and he’s my little planter. They are doing great! In bloom right now, so should have beans in a month or so. And we ate his first snap pea today.

        I’m excited to see how we both do with our different methods!


      2. The corn and pumpkins are coming in fine but something is already eating the other stuff and I have black spots on my cucumber leaves. I tried every store last night but you have to order the nemotodes.


  2. Cucumbers are hard. They are picky. Try not to get their leaves wet when you water them, they don’t like that. I get nematodes at Green Acres. They are hard to find anywhere else. Give the boys a hair cut and sprinkle the hair trimmings around the plants that are being eaten. That will help keep away snails and slugs. Earwigs are what destroy my baby plants. Every night I go out and cover each and every one, with a small pot, or cardboard box like you get 3 baskets of strawberries in. I do this until they are well established. That keeps most of the earwigs out and lots of the snails and slugs. But baby slugs still find their way in sometimes. You can also bury tuna cans in the dirt up to the top, then fill them with oil and this traps them. I would find 10 dead ones in a can sometimes just from one night. Like I said, I googled everything for 3 years, and still 4 failed gardens… huuu. The Nematodes have restored my hope.


    1. More great advice. Sorry for the years of frustration but look at all your knowledge now. Keep sharing, we will all benefit. I’ll call Green Acres tomorrow. It’s very far now so I need to make sure.


  3. Yes, I called around to find who had them last fall. I thought they were my best bet and they were. I didn’t call this time but checked their fridge as soon as I got there and found 2 boxes. I also bought the spray can thing. It was on sale too. Woohoo! I thought you already ordered from Amazon? If so I would just wait. If your plants are actually being eaten in the night I think covering them would give you much more success anyway. The nematodes will probably come in handy by eating the larva state of whatever it is, maybe. But I’d cover them first. When I asked my many questions of the master gardener at Green Acres last fall he said once you spray them you should notice a difference in your plants in about 2 weeks. That’s not bad! Make sure you read the instructions and don’t put them down in full sun, it will kill them before they have time to make it into the dirt. The day we did it was divinely planned I tell you. It was overcast all day, and right before we got that 36 hour burst of rain to soak the soil. You have to keep it wet for a few days after spraying and nature did it for us.
    Been lovely swapping gardening stories with you!

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