Living on One Income part 2. Decorating the home from thrift stores.


As I look about my sweet little cottage I realize that it is almost completely decorated and furnished with gifts, hand me downs, and the thrift stores.  I did a tally and my home has cost around $700 to $900 to furnish.  This includes kitchen supplies and equipment, paintings, decor, rugs.

The only new items in my home are the bedroom set and a washer that was $1,000 normally but I purchased on sale for $600 last 4th of July.  The bedroom set was purchased when we were newlywed and wanted to be “fancy”.  I can’t recall but it was around $2,000.  And so not worth it.  The sleigh bed broke down during the third move and the dressers have handles I have to tighten with a screwdriver all the time.  I see thrift store dressers I would love to replace these with but they cost a pretty penny so we will use them until they fall apart as well.

Here is a tour.  I can’t go over every item as you would fall asleep from boredom but almost everything in the kitchen was inherited or given me because I don’t turn down offered and used items.  If I don’t care for something I thank the person and send it to the thrift store.

5 thoughts on “Living on One Income part 2. Decorating the home from thrift stores.

  1. My house is the same way. It would actually take less time to point out what we purchased at full price throughout the house. Pointing out the freebies, garage sale and thrift store goodies would take a lot longer. Yet I love how my home looks cozy and suited to our personalities, instead of being full of furniture with all the charm of a motel room.


  2. A lot of my items have been thrifted one point in life was because money was low and now I thrift because I love it. Why pay full price when you can thrift and get it cheaper!


    1. And you can get real quality for something well made and half the price of Walmart and doesn’t fall apart with in months…or a few washes.:) Come visit on my youtube channel. I won’t be posting here often.

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