Missing that mac and cheese? Vegan taste test by So I Married a Vegan.


There are certain foods I miss now and then while on my vegan journey.  I have slipped up and fallen off the vegan wagon a time or ten but I love being vegan and we are so fortunate to live in a very vegan-friendly world these days.  As a matter of fact, I have never seen so many vegan foods in the average store or vegan restaurants, products, even bakeries popping up everywhere.

Here is a Channel I enjoy and this couple did a taste test for us all.  If you are missing that Kraft mac and cheese let’s see what we can substitute instead.  Of course, you can always get fancy and make your own.

There are so many great Vegan Youtube Channels out there and this is one of them.


9 thoughts on “Missing that mac and cheese? Vegan taste test by So I Married a Vegan.

  1. I’m impressed with your vegan journey. Not sure I’d like to it. We are vegetarians ( I stray sometimes to the pescetarian side 😊), but my husband lived vegan for a while. His love for cheese overcame him though in the end 😊


    1. I understand completely! We do eat meat on rare occasions now and I do eye that cheese now and then. That wasn’t my vlog, just so we are clear, that is a YouTube couple I like watching now and then. I think the trick to being vegan IS having that cheese or fish now and then. Vegans would not like hearing that.

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      1. No, they wouldn’t. Even though, there are more radical vegans and more open minded ones, I suspect. I know its not your channel but you try out different things, as far as I understand


      2. Oh, I do! I love trying new snacks and foods and my objective is just to introduce foods that are fantastic to the ones moving toward less meat or dairy for health reasons, environmental, compassion. Thank you!:)


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