Why I quit a Paleo Ketogenic diet and went plant-based, by Dr. Lim


I am open to what works for others and understand that one lifestyle doesn’t fit all.  I just enjoyed this interview and was inspired by what this doctor shares with this way of eating and living, especially the results his patients are having.  For those of you on the fence or curious, just give a look see.

2 thoughts on “Why I quit a Paleo Ketogenic diet and went plant-based, by Dr. Lim

  1. I first heard about the Whole Foods plant based eating in a book The China Study by. T. Campbell I believe was the name of the author. Fascinating read. I have been a vegetarian most of my life and have never tried the vegan avenue because I am a beekeeper (all natural, NO Chemicals, NO feeding and only a small amount of honey I take this time of year because they have a lot of things to gather from now.) I still eat cheese I know it’s bad but it has been worst habit to break.
    Thank you for video, so wonderful seeing more people in medical fields looking in to the whole foods plant based way of living.


    1. Cheese seems to be the downfall of many would be vegans. Watch Cowspiracy and Earthlings and you won’t have any problem with that. Or get your cheese from farms that keep the mother and babies together? I would have no issue if they didn’t take the babies away. As for bees, I would totally eat honey if it was done how you are doing it. It’s all about compassion. I’ll be posting some documentaries and fun stuff on here often so stay tuned. And know that it’s a journey and you don’t have to be extreme or change overnight.


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