Living on One Income part 4. Walking Everywhere.


Recently I put out a book Living on One Income.  It is not unlike many homemaking and frugal living books I love writing, however, this one is a bit more interactive as I and my family are doing everything in the book as prescribed.  One of the many green and money saving practices we have are to walk everywhere.

Come along and join us on a day of daily errands on foot.

11 thoughts on “Living on One Income part 4. Walking Everywhere.

  1. I finished reading your book, living on one income, last night…..well, actually early this morning. I want to thank you for making it free this week. It has encouraged me to do even better with our finances.


    1. That’s great! Writing it helped me to really cement in our budgeting. If you go on my Youtube Channel Dirt Poor and Lovin’ It! you will see our life and how I practice this daily. You’ll also see our fixer upper and the before and afters. Or maybe you’ve already been there.

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  2. Still reading the new book, in between everything else I am doing right now. Very well written. I made the frosting recipe, but used milk chocolate chips instead of dark chocolate. Wow, talk about rich and gooey with the coconut oil!


    1. That coconut oil makes cake so good! Book doesn’t have too many grammatical errors? I can’t afford the editor right now…besides, she sick of the homemaking books. I do a lot of butter cream frosting now. I’ll make a vlog for that soon.


      1. You have a few boo boos, but not bad enough to worry about. When I wrote my first book of poems and essays several years ago, after I had sold several copies I found a BUNCH of errors. I fixed and reprinted them, but when I tried to give the new copies to the folks who bought them, they said no, the errors made the book more ‘approachable’.


      2. I have a teacher that gives my books reviews and she will definitely let me know when the editing and proofreading are wanting. She said not a word this time. Whew! Her critism was wanting more detail on my thrifting and more “out of the box” adventures with the family. She has me stumped but this was the last book. If you want adventure you have to follow us on YouTube.


  3. Yup I love to walk too. But we’ve just moved to a crowded town in India with traffic threatening to overrun you or you’re at the risk of plonking your feet into cow or dog poo if you’re not looking where you’re going trying to avoid the traffic. So super long walks are out. I miss it!

    Talking about books, will you do a book on your take on publishing on KDP + promoting it? Your ebooks have inspired me to give this a shot sometime, but I’m so bad with promos.


    1. I will talk about it in a vlog if you like? It’s not a books worth, it would take a few minutes. KDP is a step by step and free everything. I’ll do it soon.:) I’m very lazy in promoting my books.


      1. We do a lot of the promoting–we all get excited and start telling folks about you, we post it on our blogs, talk about you on YouTube, etc. And we don’t even ask for a percentage!


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