Living on One Income part 5. Bulk cooking with inexpensive, healthy foods.




  1. I love this! Those brussels sprouts and corn look really good! We’ve halved our grocery bills now and cooking in bulk has really helped. We don’t have much space and only a small freezer, but it’s filled. We cook a meal for dinner, have the leftovers for lunch the next day, and freeze what’s left. It’s wonderful having home-cooked meals in the freezer. And although we don’t have our own garden, we’ve put fruit trees in pots outside the back door, andon sunny days (rare over here!) we hang out washing. We’re saving so much money, but the quality of our lives has not suffered. Many thanks for your part in that!

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    • I have a bit in the book Living on One Income about homesteading in town. It is possible even in an apartment. Baking bread, dwarf trees, container gardening, sprouts in the window. I love hearing your steps and lifestyle. It inspires us all.

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