The future of this blog.


Life transformations are fun and difficult and create wonderful change over time.  I have been through a few significant transformations over the last ten years.  The first was moving from the city and quitting all my bad habits, along with a spiritual transformation.  The next was becoming a wife and mother, along with homemaking.  The most recent was recreating myself as a writer.  Oh, what fun it all has been!

Now it’s time for something new.  I’ve been working on this blog for over two years and writing books for three or more years.  My main theme has been homemaking and frugal living.  I’m bored and done.

YouTube has become a place of learning and with starting my own Channel, some creative fun.  I have learned gardening, homesteading, homemaking, writing, spiritual work, vegan and plant-based cooking, metaphysics.  Let’s not forget all those motivational videos and the support and insight on any journey you choose.  Yes, I know there is plenty of garbage on YouTube, but there is a whole other world on there as well.  I enjoyed it so much I created my own channel and have been serving and supporting right along with the rest of the community.

I then felt guided to really focus on my fiction.  I have a pen name and four fictional books under this name but I haven’t produced in almost a year.  It’s been one homemaking book after another instead.

Then I picked up a book the other day, Real Artist Don’t Starve, by Jeff Goins.  As is the way with epiphanies, this book spoke to me and I realized it was time to reassess my schedule and all my creative endeavors.

I will keep this blog up because there is a lot of good stuff that would be a shame to throw out.  And I may post a thing now and then that I find inspirational or fun.  I love posting vegan cooking shows and motivational videos or documentaries when I come across them.

For those of you who would like to visit my new home base:

Coffee with Kate, on YouTube.


18 thoughts on “The future of this blog.

  1. Say, Kate, I’ve been trying to post comments on your videos lately, but the comments never show up. Any idea what I might be doing wrong?


  2. Say, Kate, I’ve been trying to post comments on you YouTube videos lately, but they never display. Any idea what I might be doing wrong?


      1. Yay!! It’s really as easy as getting out of your own way and sitting down daily to get it done. I’ll have some advice videos soon. I’m doing NaNoWriMo (5 months early) to get me to finish a book. Fiction is hard for me, I believe it’s the inner critic that ruins each book before it’s done.

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  3. Hi Kate, I recently found you on YouTube but I just subscribed to your blog. I am recently retired and I am looking to start my own blog, so I visited yours to see how it is set and the things you write about. Yes retirement is a huge adjustment and basically I am looking for an outlet to express myself. I have opinions and basically I want to have some fun too. You might not read this, but that is OK, at first I am not expecting anybody to read my blog, I just want to be creative and speak Thanks, Pat Buuck


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