Honing our housewife skills and living off a food stamp budget.



6 thoughts on “Honing our housewife skills and living off a food stamp budget.

  1. Hi Kate,
    I just wanted to send you a note of encouragement & to let you know how much I enjoy your YouTube videos. I had two of my four kids later in my life, one when I was 40 & one when I was 42. My other two were from my first marriage so there’s quite an age difference between the second pair.
    Their ages are 40, 36, 22 & 20. The youngest is a girl. My kids are the best gift of life to me. I can tell your boys are the same for you. You have a lovely family.
    Looking forward to your next video. Have a wonderful day….
    Diane Mattei


    1. How lucky were you! I wanted more children but I started late. I love hearing other mothers who had children later in life. We are currently on a journey toward foster to adopt. We’ll see how that goes. I will share that soon. I’m happy to hear you are enjoying the channel. I don’t post here often. Poor blog, I just have more fun on Youtube.:)


  2. I wanted to drop a note here and recommend a book. It is called Radical Homemakers. If you had any doubts about our consumer culture and industrialized food production, this book is the history of how it came to be. My family already tries to not be reliant on outside food sources, and do pretty well, with just a few things that we purchase regularly and even those items we try to be mindful about.
    This simple life, where family is the focus, is really taking hold in many circles and one I fully embrace. Kudos for your blogs!
    This book has me really fired up, but honestly, when it comes to how we feed our families, it doesn’t take a lot to get me on a tear! And I am not even halfway done!

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    1. Already read this book years ago. I’ve read many books on city farming, homemaking…I’ve been marinating for years. I read in an Economides book last night that 1/3 of Americans are gardening again. I read about this homemaking movement growing all the time and it seems things are slowly, slowly going back to older ways. I had a friend on my channel say that milk delivery is back and small butcher shops. I would love to see us return to the simpler times for our own sake and the Earths.


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