Making food stamps stretch all month and tricks for having fun while living on less.



11 thoughts on “Making food stamps stretch all month and tricks for having fun while living on less.

  1. I had a co-worker of Ukranian background. When she and her husband built their home, on soil not ready for gardening, they planted the entire yard with potatoes. It broke up the soil and made it ‘Planting ready”. They filled their basement with potatoes for the winter and in the spring they planted a food garden and a lawn. This was before there was things like soil testing. It was their old country soil remedy. I’m sure they had compost too. I never saw it.


    1. I did write an article recently, look back a few post. I am so busy with writing books and homeschooling, preparing the foster…this poor blog suffers. I find YouTube easier and more fun. I will write now and then, fear not!


      1. Thank you Kate ! I guess U-tube could be easier I havent been blogging my computer is broken I’m looking for a new one. Hopefully soon.

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  2. Good morning,
    You’re inspiring me. I cancelled 3 monthly subscriptions, all unnecessary.
    And I’m trying a vegetarian diet and husband is pretty much on board, which I never thought would happen. So far, we are lacto ovo veg. And so far so good, we will see!
    Best wishes to you on your family’s new adventure.


    1. Good morning Rhonda! What were the subscriptions? Magazines? We are having some meat now and then but 85% plant based and the meat eating doesn’t last long. I just feel like my one son needs eggs and meat now and then. The vegetarian community would disagree. But I love being vegan mostly, I feel great, look better, more energy. Sometimes I crave more and have it when I do then go back.


      1. Hi Kate,
        We canceled 2 audiobook clubs and a printer ink plan.
        I am liking not eating meat but am only on day 4. What I don’t like about it is as I’ve tried to look up recipes and ideas, I’ve come across some of the militant vegan attitudes that they are 100% right and the rest of us are just mean and dumb.
        I know there are bad farmers but I live in Oklahoma and know dozens of people that raise cattle, and 2 family dairy farm owners. They all treat their animals quite well and all the animals live in big pastures and eat mostly grass, hay and a little locally made feed.

        I do think some extra protein from meat and eggs, and maybe dairy would be beneficial to most children. But that is your choice as his parent. I know my grands all love scrambled eggs.

        About eating ovo lacto vegetarian, we shopped at a huge military commissary today. We normally buy a lot of meats and a lot of treats. I bought neither today and our total was $140, instead of the usual $300-400 or more that we usually spend, that’s a huge win!
        Beans are way cheaper than meat.

        I’m also avoiding all refined sugar too as desserts and candy are my Achilles heal.

        Ok, that’s my book for today.


      2. I agree that a little meat and eggs do my boys well. Sam doesn’t like meat much but Arjan craves it. Dairy gave them ear infections and too much mucus but goats milk was good. We can’t be militant about it either and the vegans turn people off with the craziness. I’m all for those nice, old fashioned farms. If animals are cared for well and killed with compassion (quickly and locally) I have no issue. Try some vegetarian sites, they are nicer about it. Also check out So You’re Dating a Vegan or It Doesn’t Taste Like Chicken. They are fun and great recipes. A new one I’m checking out is Honey Bunchs of Onion Tops. It’s got a weird thing with movies but skip to the recipes. And I love, love sweets, that is my Achilles heal as well.

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  3. Thanks Kate, I will look at the sites you recommended.
    I have looked for vegetarian but google seems to think vegan is the same as vegetarian. I jut don’t go for that mean militant stuff in food or politics or anything. That’s one of the reasons I really enjoy your online stuff, you do things and have opinions but you’re not “in my face” about it. I’m open to learning and seeing new ideas but if meanness is involved, I’m out.

    I made some black eyed peas with rice this week, before I always added ham, but I added extra spices and plenty of onion and celery. They were So Good! I’m looking forward to making red beans and rice soon, with no sausage.
    Today I’ll be making pico di gallo with the last our our garden tomotaes and bean burritos. I feel no shame about store bought tortillas. I don’t have Sammy to roll out the dough, anyway.

    Hope you have a great day with your family on your homestead.


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